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Ever thought of creating your own dream room? Now you can! Using pinterest find rooms, furniture, colors etc. From there write a blog post about why you chose everything! This is your dream so make it as crazy and out of the box that you can think of!

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If I could have my dream bedroom if would have a bed like this. I tend to lean towards darker

I chose an assignment from the “Web Assignments” category, and it’s called ‘Create Your Own

As I was browsing through the assignment bank, the “Create your own room” web assignment caught my eye. Maybe it was because of the house-creation

Create Your Own Room…

For my second assignment of the week I decided to do the Create your own room assignment. I thought it would be a fun

For my last assignment from the assignment bank I chose one that I have been doing for years. The assignment was to create a Pinterest

My dream 80s bedroom includes bright color schemes, wallpaper borders, window seat, window curtains, carpets, my favorite 80s band posters, and of course my nice,

Hey everyone! I’m working quickly on this afternoon to finish out our last few assignments for the week. For this last assignment- we’ve been tasked

For my last web design assignment of the week, I chose to change up the Create Your Own Room assignment. I related to me

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Submissions So Far

Here’s the link to my Dream Bedroom Pinterest board!

So, for this assignment, I had to make a Pinterest for my dream bedroom. I just

My dream room is very…complex. There are a lot of components that I would love to have. First of all, it would be HUGE. It

As an active user of Pinterest, I loved this assignment.

Thanks to the Internet, I’m constantly looking at clothes, food, shoes,

I decided to do the create your own room assignment because…who wouldn’t want to have the room of their dreams?! Heres to everything I wish