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Different Point of View – Same Place

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Submitted by: Rachel Tippett

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Take a scene from any movie (that includes more than one character) and rewrite it from the perspective of a different character. Write about the emotions and thoughts the character is having without acknowledging what you know from the original scene. For example: You could write on the scene from Titanic using Jack's perspective while they were in the water and Rose was on the door. Be creative the possibilities for this are endless.

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The Sweeter Revenge

For my last Assignment Bank for Week 2, I decided to do a writing assignment called Different Point of View — Same Place. After watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I thought that I would do the ending chase scene from the point of view of Ferris’s sister, Jeanie Bueller. …

A Different Perspective

For one of my re-do assignments I decided to rewrite a scene from Secondhand Lions again. Only this time, I am writing from Jasmine’s point of view. When I originally did this assignment, as I was uploading the content, I suddenly had an idea to write it from Jasmine’s perspective. …

Seconhand Lions: In the Mind of the Salesman

4 Stars

Secondhand Lions is one of my favorite movies. For this assignment, I will be writing from the perspective of the first salesman that drives up. Here is a video to show you how the scene goes!

*as he is driving up the long driveway*

I sure hope this …

“I was inverted”

A scene from Top Gun told from Goose’s point of view.…

Jimbo’s Perspective

Sitting alone at a nearby pub was Jimbo. Having just had one of the most exhausting days of his life trying to help out Buck with apprehending Crazy Joe Shooter; he needed to have a drink to calm himself down. Then he heard loud shouts and hollering talking about Buck’s …

Writing Assignment – Different Point Of View – Same Place

I’m writing my character’s point of view of an event that Kyle Masala is responsible and known for. While he was a bartender, legend says he ended bar fight by shooting the hats off of both of their heads. Luke, drifting from town to town, was lucky enough witness this …

Space Reclamation

So foreword here to explain, this story is going to be for the assignment “Different Point Of View – Same Place”. Which says to write out a movie scene from a different character’s point of view. Well since we need to do have our characters intersect with other characters, I …


I completed the four star assignment Different Point of View- Same Place.

It directs us to take a scene from a movie and rewrite it from the point of view of another character.

A scene I wrote for a previous assignment was taken and rewritten from the perspective of …

Different Point Of View – Same Place

4 stars This scene shows Sara Sparkle and Rose King catching up with each other. They haven’t seen each other in 5 years.  Their emotions filled with joy when they were able to see each other and talk to one another after so long. They laughed and cried talking about …

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