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DS106 Rap

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Submitted by: Miss MC

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Write and perform your very own rap. Create your own beat box or experiment with audacity's audio settings. Remember to think: What Would Dirt Mcgirt Do?

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Submissions So Far

Yeah, I Can Rap

The first audio assignment I chose for the week is DS106 Rap (worth 2 stars).  This will contribute 2 of the 5 stars that I have to dedicate towards my character this week!  I chose this one because it sounded fun and I like to rap so I thought I’d …

Stefanie’s DS106 Rap

One of this weeks assignments is creating a radio bumper for ds106, but I already did one in spring ’13.
This way I rather have chosen something similar to this from the assignment bank, which is to produce your very own Rap.

I had to go to …

ds 106 rap

This song is called Jumpman and features a friend of mine on the track!!! I used a sample from nicki Minaj song stupid hoe and used it as my hook and the beat is actually wale’s beat to slight work. It was done by garage band, it was fairly very…

Audio Project #2 Otis Remix

Here is a remix that I have done to a song called Otis by my favorite rapper Jay-Z and his partner in crime Kanye West. This song features a sample from the song Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding, hence the title of the track!  I had an amazing…

ds106 rap assignment

this is my ds 106 freestyle for the rap i tried not to cuss and make it as class friendly as possible but almost messed up in the end lol this was fun never really experimented with rapping so was eager to try this…

Rap Battle

(Skip to minute 4:00 for the best example that smart kids are cool too.)
For those of you lucky enough to be in DuPont this evening you will have the chance to hear me rap too.
A key part of the A-MC-X radio show or any radio show are their…

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Audio Assignment #2 Otis Remix Tutorial

So I decided to make my own rap song to one of my favorite songs Otis by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I thought that this task would be extremely difficult to complete; however, it was quite simple. The fact that I had a MacBook made this task even more simple…