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Ebert’s Analysis

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After reading Roger Ebert's "How to Read a Movie", find a clip or picture from a movie and record a video of yourself analyzing your choice.  Pay attention to the details about where the characters are, and what role they play in the scene.  Look at how the characters are portrayed, and if their positions fit their portrayal.  Use an Ebert eye to look at it.

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Submissions So Far

Analysis of Baby Driver

For this assignment I decided to analyze a scene from the 2017 film “Baby Driver”, which, as I state at the beginning of the video,  was my favorite film of last year. Full warning, the video I created and posted below is far from my nest work. As I have …

The Dark Villain

Following by Example

For my first assignment this week, I chose the Ebert’s Analysis assignment for four stars. Finding a movie clip to analyze was the easiest part of the assignment.  I have spent many evenings at the local Sheetz and have half-watched many movies on the soundless television there …

Children of Men

So the 4 short videos I watched where

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective
The Shining // Zooms
Tarantino // from Below
Examples of Editing Techniques

They really put into action what the Ebert article was talking about on how to read movies. So while i was watching Children of Men i …

Ebert’s Analysis-The Pantry Scene of The Shinning

This video assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars and I choose the scene of the pantry of The Shining is the same I choose for last week assignment. I love this scene because I can sense the metal deterioration that the main characters is going through. I explain the shooting …

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Tutorials So Far

So You Wanna Do A Video Essay, Huh?

Stars: 4

For one of our assignments this week we had to do a tutorial for an assignment we had already created. I chose to do the Ebert’s Analysis assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment, and it could be difficult to know how to do without any background information.

I …

Assignment Bank #1

Stars: 4

My first assignment bank caught my eye. I was scrolling through them and I realized that this one was quite the same as one from last week. I really enjoyed analyzing a scene from a movie last week, so I decided to do it again… but add a …

The Dark Villain (Tutorial)

How it All Came to Be

Here, I walk you through making a movie-analysis video using Roger Ebert’s method from his article How to Read a Movie. I used this Batman clip for my analysis, starting at 23:38.

Eight Star Assignments

This tenth week we had to complete eight stars of assignments. When I saw this, my first thought was this week is going to be a lot for me. And it was because I could not do all my assignments on the tenth week, but I am here now. So …