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Get To Know Me

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Submitted by: Taylor

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Let your peers get to know you a little bit better! Ask friends in your class, or even outside of your class, to send you questions. Answer them in a video! 


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Laidback Chat with A Camera

Get To Know Me

I’ve been searching for opportunities to share a bit more about myself without stretching any assignments too far, so this assignment was the perfect opportunity to just sit back and have a casual chat with my camera. I reached out to some friends to provide some …


Hello folks! For my first video assignment, I had decided to complete the “Get to Know Me” Assignment. For this assignment, I had recorded myself on my computer and uploaded it to iMovie where I would then add in background music and finally upload to Youtube. I had my close …

Who exactly IS this Kaitlin person here?

As we are still getting into the swing of things here in DS106, I thought I would use this opportunity to do a Video Assignment, specifically a Get To Know Me video so that you all can–well–get to know more about me!

At first I wasn’t sure who to ask …

Getting to Know James Video

For this assignment, I chose to do the Get to Know You video, but for my character James. I feel like I had a good vision for her, but it would have come across more in writing than the digital part, so I’m trying to work on that! So, I …

Pregunatas, amiga?

My last assignment for the week I did the assignment, “Get to know me” #2230. This assignment asked for me to answer some questions asked by the class. Unfortunately I literally only had questions asked by the wonderful ladies from our radio show group. Such a great group.…

Get to know Ora

For this assignment, I selected a ton of pics that best depict my life. Most of the pics are of me, my family and places that I’ve recently traveled – this pretty much sums up my life right now.   I uploaded them to Movavi and then added music that was …


I decided to put all of my stars into one post because they’re all hyperlinked to other videos/uploads! This week was INCREDIBLY hard. I spent about 12 hours on assignments this week and thought about withdrawing about 4 times. It sucked. But I prevailed and am now terrified of the …

Get to know me!

Here is a short video of me answering some “get to know me” questions I had my girls at work write up for me. Enjoy!…

Get to know Tiffany

For this assignment, we had to record ourselves saying interesting facts about ourselves and our lives.

To do this, I gathered different images I liked– ones of me, ones of my boyfriend, and ones of our dog and cat. I then compiled them together in iMovie and added a …

Friends with crazy questions

In this assignment for 5 stars, I texted my friends and told them to send me random questions for me to answer for this class, and below is the video of every single question they texted me back with. Some are very weird, while most are pretty normal.


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Tutorials So Far

Get to Know Me!

Prior to the 10 Questions of the Apocalypse assignment being a thing, I had an idea to create a video where I asked my classmates and friends on twitter for any questions they had about me, then answered them on video for my online peers in this class to get …