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Haiku About You

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Submitted by: Sharla Hargis

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As an introduction, write a haiku about you! It's a small, simple 3 line, 17 syllable poem that doesn't have to rhyme. The first and third lines have 5 syllables and the second line has 7 syllables. It can be about anything, and even though it doesn't have to rhyme some usually rhyme the first and third lines for added fun. It can be about you, a hobby or something you're really passionate about.

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Submissions So Far

Haiku About You

Technically, I already did this assignment but it was on January 31st so I thought in addition to remixing the prompt I would also try my hand at my second haiku poem in roughly 22 years The orginial writing prompt was pretty simple, write a haiku about yourself. By definition …

Haiku About Me

For this assignment we had to come up with a haiku about ourselves. Here it is!

My name is Sam Price (5)

I like hiking and biking (7)

I play frisbee too (5)

Since this post was so short I decided to include a picture of me hiking that goes …


Sunny spring morning

A distant, clear mountain hike

into the fountain.

This poem describes my love for hiking, the crisp spring time air, The clear sunny skies the hidden waterfalls and tall mountains that seem to pour a fountain of beautiful earth movements. In those moments the world is still …

Assignment Bank #1


For this assignment, I had to write a haiku about myself. It could’ve been about a hobby or something I’m passionate about. I opted to write about my growth. Over the last few years I have seen myself grow an immense amount. Before college, I went through some things …

That Aha! Moment

Coding and Mathematics

Logic all falls into place,

A fulfilling end.

For my last Writing assignment this week, I chose this assignment to write a Haiku about myself or something I’m passionate about for 2 and a half stars.

This assignment appealed to me because, even if I’ve always struggled …


Breathing in and out

Releasing tension and stress

You are good enough

For my third writing assignment (2.5 stars), I decided to do the Haiku about You Assignment. I decided to do it on yoga because it is one of my favorite hobbies. I also teach it at the …

A Haiku About Me

For my second writing assignment, I picked the “Haiku About You”. It has been a very long time since I tried my hand at poetry, but I remembered liking it, and the haiku format is pretty forgiving.

The haiku I came up with was :

“Some people fear me

My …

Haiku About You

I am a spy man

I am a high risk taker

I am a coder

Above is a haiku I wrote about my new secret agent. His code name is A.W. He is a high risk taker and he like programming.…

The Wild Seven Haiku

Going off my previous post, here’s a haiku to build on The Wild Seven a tiny bit, from the point of view of Crawlston

In The Wild Seven

Waiting for a grand battle

Then, my rewards come…

Sara’s Haiku

Writing Assignment: Haiku About You worth 2 1/2 stars.

My name is Sara,

I really do love Haikus,

I hope you do too.…

A Haiku About You

This is my first ever writing assignment and I decided to do a Haiku about myself. Not that I am conceded but just to show everyone what I like to do. So here you have it folks, a haiku about my favorite hobby, weight lifting.

That weight is heavy,

Give …

A Celebration of Fall

Autumn is coming.

Burgundy sunsets galore.

I love this season.…

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorials: Haiku About You

This first tutorial is on one of the assignments I created for this class.  This particular one is for the writing assigment “Haiku About You”.

To do this you first have to be familiar with the rules of writing a haiku.  These poems are short, 17 syllables in 3 lines.  …