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Hear It Here

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Submitted by: Maura Monahan

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This is an audio assignment where you will need to use homophones - words that sound the same with different meanings (hear/here, bee/be, dear/deer, etc.). Using as many homophones as you can, write and record a brief story or poem.

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Hear it Here

One day I was sure I wanted to go to the shore. I mean who doesn’t want to see the sea? I hopped in the car with two of my friends to go to the ocean. We were determined to go there whether the weather was good or not. Once …

I Guessed I Was A Guest

For my final assignment of the week, I tried something a bit new.  Seeing as this is a “digital storytelling” class, I decided to write a little story with the caveat being it had to contain a plethora of homophones. The assignment was only worth one star, but I’d already …

The Traveling Serf

Another audio assignment i chose was Hear it Here. This assignment included thinking of a bunch of homophones and writing either a poem or short story that includes them. I chose it because it seemed interesting and a little difficult to write something with a Lot of homophones in …

Am I A Player? (Audio Poetry)

The second audio assignment I chose was Here It Here (worth 1 star). The goal was to write a poem/story, using homophones (words that sound the same with different meanings). This was another opportunity for me to get creative and practice poetry.

It took me some time to decide on …


To be completely honest, when I read this assignment, I had completely forgotten what homophones were.  It’s been a long time since the 2nd grade, okay?

Anyway, even though I did remember after a few minutes, I still couldn’t think of more than three or four of them off …

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