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Hidden Story In A Page

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Submitted by: Emily Strong

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Wouldn't webpages be more interesting if the author provided commentary on the contents and went on tangents about entirely unrelated subjects? Or if a story suddenly appeared in the middle of the page? Or what if a website became self-aware?

The concept for this assignment is simple: Insert a story into an existing webpage. You don't need to replace anything or remove anything. Just add your own content in whatever way is appropriate to the story. You can easily do this with Firebug (https://getfirebug.com/), or download the page and open it in a text editor. This shouldn't require modifying formatting or layouts, unless you want to use a specialized font to make the story contents stand out (e.g. http://wp.me/p2IgNY-2K).

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Hidden Story

Here is the web assignment called Hidden Story that is 2 points.

Sometimes I think Danny is angrier than me. He seems to have some hidden turmoils. He never talks about them. I haven’t had time to talk to him just him and me. He always follows Amelia. I think …

Hidden Stories**

So for this assignment, we had to put a random story in the middle of a webpage.  I inserted part of “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde into a Wikipedia article on Kim Jong-Il.  Honestly, I don’t think there is a more fitting place for this, especially since I …

I’m Lovin’ It

I’m Lovin’ It – Justin Timberlake

My last web assignment that I chose was Hidden Stories in a Page {**}. In this assignment, you had to take a web page and insert a hidden story, or commentary from the author.

I started off by thinking of what website I could …

Hidden Story Within a Page Assignment- 2 stars

The link for this assignment can be found here: https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/hidden-story-in-a-page/ Here is a screenshot of the page that I worked on. PostSecret- Hidden Story within a Page For this assignment I used Hackasaurus tool, which is really cool and pretty easy to use. When you put on the X-Ray goggles you can see through to the …

A story embedded in a page

When I started to read this week’s assignment of redesigning a webpage to tell a story, I at first thought it meant embedding a story within an existing webpage. And I got REALLY excited. This seemed like such a cool … Continue reading

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Web Storytellling

To view the actually remixed website please click here.
The other day I found the Harry Potter Original Sorting Hat! I suppose Wizarding World forgot to spell protect this item from muggles. Now, for the first time every muggles get a sneak peak in the Magic Amazon. Fans of Harry…