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High School Memories

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Submitted by: Jessica Ledford

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It's time to relive your high school memories. Create a video that will take you back to your days of high school and those times that you may have forgotten. We all have them, so why not document them and share them with the world. Add videos, pictures, and audio that will relate to your story. Have fun reminiscing your high school days. Never forget those memories and times.

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High School Mems

High School Memories

For this assignment, I decided to use the iMovie app as I thought it would be the best platform considering I have a ton of memories I wanted to share. I decided to use only memories from my senior year, as I realized I had too many …

High School Memories

For this assignment, we had to go through old videos and pictures from high school and create a video reflecting on that time. I really enjoyed this assignment because a lot of the pictures I used, I haven’t looked at in ages.

I first downloaded the pictures I wanted to …

High School Memories



This video shows many memories from high school. I put all the pictures in order from freshman year to senior year. I liked this assignment because it made me take a step back and look at many memories that I maybe forgot about.…

High School Memories

Not much is known about when or where Victor attended high school, but it’s become apparently clear that he shares a striking resemblance to a man named James Rives. Is there any connection there?

That’s for you to decide.

I mashed the photos together in Windows Movie Maker and converted …

High School Memories

My time in High School was the some of the best years of my life and I owe that all to being in band. I was a percussionist in my high schools band and I played anything from cymbals to bass drums and everything in between. This video is the …

A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Although I graduated from high school just last year, it seems like a long time ago! My years at Stafford High School were pretty great, despite the many, many hours that I spent on homework and studying for AP and Honors classes. Four years of varsity basketball, combined with awesome …

High school memories

For another one of my video assignments I decided to do a video montage of my memories. The original assignment was to do a video montage of your high school memories but I decided to go beyond that and include some of my college memories as well.

I loved this …

My Town (Memories)

This is the best video assignment idea ever! Memories are forever and they make you stop and think, which is exactly what I want my video to do. My high school life was all fun and great with the awesome football games, the best football team, the best of friends, …

Good Riddance Assignment #2

For my second video assignment, i was feeling nostalgic and went with the “High School Memories” assignment. Now, i know you’re all thinking “wow this one is really easy why not be creative.” Well, we did just have a week full of inspiration. I’m inspired by my past because i’ve …

Wow, Was High School Really Four Years Ago??

For my second video assignment for this week I did “High School Memories” (4.5 stars). I thought this would be a fun assignment to do, especially being able to reflect on my high school years. No, they weren’t the best four years of my life but I did …

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