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Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some music, and add an intro

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Video Assignment #1

For this assignment I created a highlight reel of soccer player Lionel Messi. First, I went on Youtube and began searching for 5 different goals. That was the fun part. I then downloaded the videos using 4k Video Downloader and uploaded to Windows Movie Maker. Next, I began editing the …

Aaron Rodgers Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

I did this assignment for one of my assignments this week. We had to pick our favorite athlete and make a highlight reel for them. Last week I did the Sports Mashup assignment where I did a music mash up of different sports plays so this was very similar. I …

Number 18 on the field, Number 1 in my heart

For this assignment, I had to create a highlight reel for an athlete. It was worth 5 stars. I picked Peyton Manning, the former quarterback for the Broncos and the Colts. To complete this assignment, I looked at the tutorial that was posted with the assignment. It was very …

All Hail King Leo


For the Highlight Reels assignment, I created the video above. It consists of some skills by the Argentinian Lionel Messi who plays for the club team FC Barcelona.

Behind the Creation

I am a huge soccer fan, or football whatever. I do not care what the hell you call …

Highlight Reel of one of my favorite athletes

For this assignment I had to choose one of my favorite athletes and create a highlight reel video. I selected the famous ice skater, Carolina Kostner. She is an Italian figure skater and has been a role model for me since I was little. In 2003, the Figure skating world …

Highlight Mix

This was by far the coolest assignment that I had the chance to do. The assignment was channel my inner ESPN and clip together a highlight mix to your favorite athlete, adding music to the background, and having an intro. I have so many favorite athletes, so it was hard …

Kirk Cousins Highlight Reel (Highlight Reels Assignment)

This is the Highlight Reels assignment, worth five stars. This is my second of the required five video assignments for the two-week period. This brings my total to 10 stars. The directions are below.

Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some …

Lights Out (Highlight Reel)

The Work Itself

This assignment is titled “Highlight Reels”, its instructions ask to “channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music, and add an intro.” It is rated 5/5 stars for difficulty. I created a YouTube video using individual …

Juliet Doherty Highlights 2015

When I came across this assignment I figured what better way to show off a dancer who both my my host character and I look up to, Juliet Doherty! Juliet Doherty is one of my favorite ballerinas out there, and she’s extremely accomplished for only being 17! She’s my favorite …

The Road to 110 (VideoAssignments1516 5 Stars)

I liked this assignment because it was right up the alley of everything I’ve done previously with video editing, which is editing competitive game footage of myself into montages with musical accompaniment.  This video is one of the first ever videos I made, and I’ve learned a lot from the …

Highlight Reels!

This assignment was called “Highlight Reels”, you were supposed to take an athlete and create a highlight tape for them! So the athlete I chose to you was the one and only James Baylor, MYSELF! I used the highlights from my last season and mashed them all up together using …

The Great The Amazing: Misty May Treanor

The second assignment I did was worth 5 stars called Highlight Reels. And at this point I am very frustrated with video. I like the topics and all I just can’t find a good editing tool, my computer keeps freezing, and anything that can go wrong is. However I …

Tyrod Taylor Highlight Reel

Assignment (5 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find an athlete that we like and make a highlight reel of them, along with adding music and an intro. The following video is of Tyrod Taylor, who was a Virginia Tech quarterback, before being drafted to play for the Baltimore …

Highlights Reel

This week we are doing assignments from the Video Assignment category.  I chose this one which was to create a video highlight reel for your favorite sports player.  I like baseball and the Washington Nationals player, Bryce Harper is certainly interesting to watch.  I took some clips I found …

Blake Griffin Highlights

Highlight Reels (5 Stars)

Description of Video Assignment: “Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music, and add an intro.”

The Story

Blake Griffin is one of my favorite NBA players. He plays for the Los Angeles Clippers but I first …

Barry Sanders Highlight Reel

For this week part of our class assignment was to  complete two ds106 video assignments from the assignment bank. For my first assignment, worth five stars, I chose to create a highlight real.

Project link:

The instructions for this project requests that the creator, “Channel your inner ESPN and …

Video Assignment Two – RGIII Highlight Reel

Highlight Reels

Description of Assignment: Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set some music, and add an intro.


In order to create this assignment I used Quick Time and iMovie which already come previously downloaded to Macs. I got all of my videos …

Unit 10

Making Movies

I’m working with Windows Movie Maker. It took me a while to figure out the editing tool because stupidly I was reading it as if what I clipped was removed and of course its what is between the in and out points that remains. Because of that I …

Aaron Rodgers

The best Qb in the game today is this guy. Hands down the MVP of the league and the leader of my team.

Odell Beckham

For this assignment (worth 5 stars), I made a highlight reel of Odell Beckham Jr., my (Ami speaking) favorite football player. I found clips online and compiled them into a video, finally adding Power by Kanye West as the music.

The Giants are my team. I don’t indulge in things …


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Lebron is my favorite CURRENT player, but as far as stats, achievements and all-around skill; MJ has all other players beat.  This highlight reel shows MJ in his prime and proves his dominance of the game of basketball.

While I …

Touchdown – Steelers

For the first 5 of my 15 stars I chose to do “Highlight Reels” – I couldn’t just choose one person though! I love my Steelers and it takes “teamwork” so I couldn’t leave anyone out. Still holding the record for the most Super-Bowl Wins!!

It took some research and …

Video Assignements

For the first assignment i completed, I chose to do a highlight reel for one of my favorite athletes.

Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some music, and add an intro

5 Stars!

For this assignment I picked Alex Ovechkin …

Highlight Reels

5 stars Her name is called Ronda Rousey. Rose King, my character, resembles her a lot. She has overcome many battles just like Rousey. My character used to have a run in with drugs  a long time ago before she found what she was meant to do. That was to …

Chloe Bruce is my girl!

Found this video assignment and I was like yaaaaahhhhhas!



Link to Video Assignment for 4 Stars

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Tutorials So Far

Highlight Reels tutorial

One of the video assignments I did was the Highlight Reels Assignment. I noticed that a lot of other people did the assignment so I figured it would be a good one to make a tutorial for since its so popular. Doing this assignment is more than just taking a …

“Highlight Reels Tutorial”

The Process, Narrated 

I will break this process down step by step. It is an easy process if you are familiar with iMovie, YouTube Video Editor, or both.

Step 1: Choose an athlete





Step 2: Find video clips of highlights (YouTube) of this athlete.



Highlight Reel Tutorial

How To Create A Video Like This One

Step 1. Choose an athlete

(This is Barry Sanders)

Step 2. Go to YouTube, viewed some sports highlights and then downloaded your favorites (using YouTube video converter).

Step 3. Imported the videos to iMovie.

Step 4. Then cut and trimmed the parts …

Tom Brady Highlights

The assignment was to bring together highlights of my favorite player into a video. I chose Tom Brady, who plays on the New England Patriots, because he’s the quarterback for my favorite team. He knows how to bring together the team to achieve success. I created this video on iMovie …