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Honest Game Cover

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Submitted by: Ethan of house Coleman

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First you take a video game cover. Then you make an honest titile meaning what the game really is. Then you blot out the old title and put in your new title.

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The True Game Cover

Figure 1.1 Original Cover vs Honest Cover

The DragonQuest series is one of my favorite game series of all time. The assignment, Honest Game Cover, wanted me to make an honest game title for the game’s cover. So for this assignment, I chose DragonQuest 11 which is a game that …

My Name is NOT Zelda

For my first Assignment Bank project, I decided to do an honest game cover. Now, before I get into the work itself, here’s some background:

Towards the end of February of 1986, the legacy known as The Legend of Zelda had made its debut. However, what may trip up …

Week 2: Assignment Bank

I love this photo because this is my dream car. This is an Audi R8, I personally wouldn’t wrap it in gold chrome but it still looks insane. 
Do what you love because this is what will make you excited to wake up everyday and do.
Fornite is a Battle…

Let’s Play

The goal of this assignment was to create an honest title for a video game. This assignment was worth 2 stars. I used DigiWidgets to edit my photo. Here is the link to the original assignment:

Every mom loves a good game of just dance! The moves are right …

#~The Legend of Link~#

For my 3rd Assignment Bank project titled “Honest Game Cover” (worth 2 stars) I made an Honest Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS game into Legend of Link: Destroyer of Pots because he is quite a problem child.

Its not exactly professional quality but it gets the …

God of War: The Real Title…

Honest Game Trailer – 2 Points

God of War is the ultimate revenge game. The premise is a spartan solider, Kratos, who got tricked by the god of war, Ares into killing his own family and is forced to live with the shame of his crime. Kratos spends his entire …

FIFA 15.. Re-imagined

Fifa 15.. Re-imagined is one of our Visual Assignments from the Assignment Bank titled “Honest Game Cover”.  Honest Game Cover tells you to pick a random video game and give it a new or “honest” title of what the game really is.  Here is my interpretation of FIFA-15 for …

Longs Makes It Big In The Wii World. (2 Stars)

When trying to decide what I was going to do this week in relation to my character Detective Longs, I remembered this game that a child I had babysat had played and it was perfect. I changed the name of this game to “People vs Longs” because …

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