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How to Archer Book Cover

For this design assignment, you will first need to pick one of your favorite persons from a tv show or movie--make sure it is someone with LOTS of character that displays their characteristics frequently. This is important; it should be something that defines them (i.e. Sterling Archer, from Archer). Next, create either a book cover, or a smartphone app icon, or the like. Add some text that says "How To [insert the name of the character you choose here]". Make sure you tell who this app/book teaches the user/reader to be like. (NOTE: it doesn't HAVE to be an app or a book. Get creative with it. What else can you come up with?)

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Its Always Sunny

For this assignment I was tasked to take one of my favorite shows with a large cast and to make a cover for a “How to___” book or app. I chose to do Always Sunny In Philadelphia and instead of doing one singular character I did it about the main …

How to: Sasha Kellogg

Well, clearly I am getting popular in the noir106 community because I was approached by someone who wants to write a book about my life! My one stipulation was that I would make the book cover to satisfy the “How to________” assignment (3.5 pts). They agreed, and this …

Spot On!

Design Assignment #2: How To… (3 stars)

For this “How to ______” assignment I wanted to model the iconic “For Dummies” books but include elements of McNulty on the cover. Using GIMP I uploaded images from the covers of the “For Dummies” books as layers. I painted the background of …

How to “Stabler”

Original Assignment (3 1/2 stars)

Ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that I am a Law & Order SVU fanatic. I know for a fact that I’ve seen every episode. Now I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I’m unwinding on the late night …

Cool Smooth Lester

Thomas Carlyle once said, “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” So basically I did this assignment for this week. We basically had to choose a type of main character that appears in a lot of the episodes in the TV show. Then afterwards, we can either create …

How To Ziggy

I decided to do the How To _______ design assignment and create a book cover for a book on how to be a certain character.

I decided to do make one for Ziggy as his quirks and “skills” would be easy to come-up with.

I used a screenshot I took …

How to Rod Serling

“One day, perhaps on a short stroll during your lunch, you take a side street that you’ve not taken before, and come upon a store. Like a lost memory from your childhood, it’s a bookstore of nostalgia, squeezed between a barber shop and a shoe-repair nook, from a time before …

How to: Riker

’ve been on a ST:TNG (follow the link if you don’t know what that is) kick recently, so I decided to model my guide on the ever-present Commander Riker…

Calvin and Hobbes


Someone please write this book.

How To Brian O’ Connor

The world must know how to become like Brian O’Connor. I’ve learned these ways, they have improved my life drastically!

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Tutorials So Far

More Than Just A “Gringa”

I picked this assignment from the Design bank because I thought it weaved into my Final Project narrative nicely. I think if I had anything to suggest or provide a “how-to” it would be for discovering or even reclaiming culture or identity that has been lost because you were born …