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I like to move it move it

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Share a moment or memory from your freshman move in day. What was your favorite part? Least favorite? Was it hard saying goodbye? The possibilites are endless!

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UMW, Here I Come!

Me (left) and my roommate on freshman move-in day.

It seems like so long ago, but it has really been only a few months since I started school at UMW. The “I Like To Move It Move It” assignment encouraged me to look back on that life-changing day in August …

I like to move it move it

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was living with one the greatest people I know
Being able to live on my own
No bed time!

Least favorite?

Taking responsibility for myself
Taking care of myself
Carrying heavy boxes

Was it hard saying goodbye?

It was very exciting to…

Assignment Bank 4 (Week Three):

I Like To Move It Move It:

Ah freshman move in day, what a memorable time. A lot of emotions coursed through me that scorching day in August 2014. I would have to say my favorite part of the journey was meeting my freshman roommate. Her name was Stefanie Chae …

Home away from home

Freshman move in day is all a blur, its crazy to think it was just 3 years ago! I remember that it was pouring (Fun fact: it has rained every year on my move in day), and my box fan was outside the car on the trailer hitch and it …

I like to move it move it…. except not really…

For this little diddy we have to write about our Freshman year move in day, something I loved and hated all at once.

I moved into Jefferson Hall around August 2013 at 10a.m. I had absolutely no idea where my room was and thought my Mom couldn’t be anymore embarrassing. …

I Like to Move It, Move It

4 years ago, I moved into Bushnell Hall for my first year at UMW (wow, I’m getting old)

It was a surprisingly pretty day outside besides being extremely warm. My dad, stepmom and sisters dropped me off and helped me unpack the cars and get everything in the room. My …

Freshman Move-in

I literally jumped for joy when I saw this assignment. I love sharing my memories, especially from the big points in my life!

Wow where to begin.

I was definitely extremely excited to move in freshman year. Nervous yes, but excited more! Starting this new chapter in my life was …

I Like to Move it Move it


I was a freshman at UMW in the fall of 2013. I did not know a single person here, so I had chosen to room with a random roommate. I was very anxious over the summer to learn who that person would be, and where we would end up …

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Week 14: Tutorial

So there aren’t really pictures for this one, as much as general advice. This assignment asked you to write about your favorite or most memorable experience from your first year move in! I’m not going to talk about mine that much, but more of the process that I went through.…