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I’m a real boy.

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Everyone has at some point wanted to be like or actually be someone else. Whehter they're a famous celebrity or just someone you really admire. For example, Pinocchio. He just wanted to be a real boy, thats all he wanted. So what you're gonna do is write a snapshot of what your life would be if you could be anyone else in the world. This can be a snapshot of a single day, or a summary of how your life would be. Be creative feel free to use anybody whether its a tv character, and actual person, or some random person that lives in your neighborhood. 

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Submissions So Far

I’m a real boy.

One of my shticks from my Intro to Digital Studies course last semester was that I made quite a few pieces of interactive fiction. They were told in the second-person perspective using “you” to refer to the main character, who is intended to be an insertion of the reader. I …

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Special Agent 013

I immediately realize something isn’t right. I shudder as pain fills my entire body. It aches like a fresh bruise being touched by a middle school crush. Something isn’t right. I try to move my left arm, its stuck. I try to move any limb in my …

“I’m a Real Boy”

Continuing on to the second assignment for the Writing Week and I have a total of 5 stars out of the required 8 stars of writing category assignment bank. I choose to do the writing assignment called “I’m a real boy”. “I am a real boy” tasked you to write …

An Alternate Life

What would Danny Keys do in an alternate life? You might have asked him when playing the game “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you didn’t, he’ll tell you here. This was made based on this assignment, worth 3 stars.

That’s a tough one, honestly. I like …

Im A Real Boy

I’m Andy, the infamous bank robber. But if I could be anyone anywhere, I would have chosen to be a soldier in the Union Army during the civil war, like Kyle Masala. Even though I am an outlaw, I am still patriotic to my country and what it stands for. …

How I Wish…

Continuing along with my assignment bank posts for this week, I selected to do I’m a real boy which is worth 3 stars, bring my total to 6 1/2 stars this week out of 10 thus far. This assignment instructs you to write about your life if you could be …

The Many Faces of You and I

To thing or even contemplate about being another person or living another life has probably crossed just about every human being’s life at some point. The grass is always greener on the other side even if you’re the greener side of life already.

The reflection of this desire has been …

If I could be

If I could be someone else in the world anyone in the world, it would be my mother.  Not my mother as she is now; but the mother I remember as I was growing up.  I used to watch her dress in the morning and do her hair, she would …

I Want to be…

Cinderella fiction story

The life and times of Aaron Bilzerian

There is a certain kind of freedom that everyone should experience in their life, and that is the freedom to do anything and everything you could want at a specific moment. I, Aaron Bilzerian, experience that feeling daily. In the morning I can be standing on my yacht in the …

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