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Imaginary Places

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Wind Plain

Hogsmeade, Gondor, Cair Paravel, The Emerald City, Never-Never Land... all fantastical places that started as text and have now been interpreted into visual landscapes. Now it's your turn!

Take a place--a city, a significant geographical formation, ship, maybe even a dimension--and render it visually. You can compile stock images using GIMP or Photoshop (make sure to give credit where it's due!), draw, paint, or even create a collage. This assignment isn't limited to places that don't have a well-known visual representation yet, either; if you want to show us YOUR version of Bag End, go for it!

For your writeup, explain why you chose your imaginary place, the technique you used to create your image, and what effect the transition into a visual medium has on the original description.

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The Land of the… Survivors?

I created an accurate as fictionally possible depiction of “The Land” in California by Edan Lepucki. Of course, as the title explains, these characters are in California, however, they travel to a community/part of land that is called “The Land.” When you think of the word land, one may think …

Veronica’s Hometown- Clarkson, Missouri

3 Stars

Veronica’s hometown of Clarkson, Missouri is a small one with a population of only a few hundred. Most of the town is rural, encompassing multiple large farms and wide open farming land. Clarkson is near one of the main highways that run through Missouri. This allows the town …

Cair Paravel

For my third visual assignment for the week, I decided to do the Imaginary Places assignment, so I made my version of Cair Paravel from the Chronicles of Narnia.

I used my own pictures from some traveling I did this summer, and used photoshop to put them together. I used …

Wind Plain, ruined city of the Gradient-Masters

Seriously. Someone needs to take the gradient tool away from me. Oh whoops, damage done, TOO LATE. I created this rendering of a ruined Earth-Master city from McKillip’s trilogy to complete my own Imaginary Places assignment. First things first, here’s a list of all the stock images I used to create this image: Main ruins… more

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Tutorials So Far

Episode VI: Return of the Architects

For this project I chose buildings by two of my favorite architects Frank Gehry and Thom Mayne and put them into a natural environment in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. I hate modern architecture with it’s tall boring rectangles for buildings and these two fulfill what I imagined to …