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Music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed Bieber’s “U Smile” down 800% and the result was ethereal magic. Find a song to experiment with and slow it down to the point where it becomes an amazing piece of ambient music. If doing this with Audacity or any other non-linear digital editor, you’ll likely have to perform multiple lengthings of the song. Be sure to pitch shift so that even though the track is longer, it doesn’t become just a low pitched version (think of the sound used in a slow-mo moment of someone yelling Nooooooo).

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I chose to do the Make It 800% Slower assignment and to be on theme I decided to use the song, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

One of the assignments I chose this week was the Make it 800% Slower assignment. For this assignment I took a popular 80s song, Don’t

I slowed down Meltdown by Ponette by 800% and got a super cool sound.…

This was the first assignment I chose to do this week and man was it an interesting one! The basic gist of this one was

If you slow the song down by 800%, you’ll hear a secret message. Oddly enough, the song is Icelandic pop sensation BABBA’s Disc– I

This assignment was called make it 800% slower and was worth 3.5 stars.

For this assignment you put a song in audacity and slowed it down

When life gives you lemons, you try to make a song 800% slower. Make it 800% Slower instructed me to choose a song and try

I never really liked the Make It 800% Slower assignment. It usually results in a never ending drone, and people give themselves 4 stars

Making something slower or faster changes it into something very different to what it started. In this assignment, the task is to slow down

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This assignment was to take a song and slow it down to get an ethereal/ambient effect. After listening to the example the assignment linked

This assignment was to slow down a song using audio editing software. I used the Paulstretch effect in audacity for the slowing part. The song

This is a walkthrough of this assignment which requires you to slow a song down 800% too create an ethereal version.  It’s important to distinguish

This was a fun project. Right now my friends and are preparing for the school’s annual lip-sync. We have placed every year and we want