Make Your Own Radio Commercial!

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When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, I would want people paying attention to my commercial! So, for this audio assignment pick a product or business you would like to promote and sell! Use a audio recording software such as soundcloud to record your commercial. Add in background music, edits, and provide full information of the business/product/services you are advertising. Try to create a radio commercial that grabs and maintains the audiences’ attention. On the side, write why you chose the object or business you are promoting and the process you used to create your commercial. 

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Taken from the Make Your Own Radio Commercial! assignment, I have created a commercial for my group’s radio show. Since

I decided to make a commercial for our on campus Katora. I know a bunch of students have all kinds of thoughts about how good

I wanted to create a cool promo/introduction for our radio show rather than just a commercial. I wanted to make something that show cased what

This week I created a commercial for my radio show. I made a commercial about a real organization I talked about last week for a

For my third and final audio assignment for this week, I made my own radio show commercial. More specifically, I made a LinkedIn radio

I’m a big fan of podcasts. One thing that I’ve realized when listening to my different shows is that they all have ads in them

As part of completing 10 stars of audio assignments I completed the radio ad assignment. This assignment will also most likely be used in my

? Having Netflix problems I feel bad for you son
I got ninety nine channels and 80’s ain’t one ?


Man I hate listening to commercials! Whenever

For one of this week’s audio assignments, I decided to create a radio commercial that can be played during my group’s radio show.

My commercial

For this audio assignment I had to promote a product or business using an audio recording software. I definitely used this for comedic satisfaction as

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Warning: NSFW.

This one was a little more tricky because I wanted to add more voices and play with more off the features Audacity has

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Assignment Stars: 4

I had to record two pieces of audios in my own voice.

So this is just silly. Put some decent work into it but had a lot of fun. Played with the pitch of my voice