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Create a trailer out of movie clips, tv show excerpts, news sources, viral videos, or even other trailers. Consider which pieces you are combining and what the new message is. Here is a template for a movie trailer green  screen intro. Have fun!!

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Submissions So Far

80’s Mash-Up Movie Style!

For my first Video Assignment Bank project I opted to the mash-up trailers assignment, which seems to be a popular choice. It’s actually a lot of fun! Although, warning it does take a bit of your time. I found this assignment was a great way to reintroduce myself to …

all about the 80’s

Hi! So I chose option 2 for this week (do 10 stars worth of video assignments) and I chose to create a mash-up trailer. At first this task seemed super daunting, and I admit it was a bit challenging at first because I’ve never done something like it before, BUT… …

Movie Trailer Mash-Up

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. We were instructed to combine two different movie trailers to create one trailer. I decided to combine “A Quiet Place” and “IT”. I am honestly not the biggest horror movie person, but I have seen both of these movies and I …

Hellraiser under tha seaaaaaa

This is one of my favorite assignments, for this you had to mashup two different movie trailers. I figured I would take some gruesome movie and pair it with childrens movie audio or vice versa. Eventually I settled on Hellraiser and The Little Mermaid.

I kept cutting clips …

New Avengers Trailer

Create a trailer out of movie clips, tv show excerpts, news sources, viral videos, or even other trailers. Consider which pieces you are combining and what the new message is. Here is a template for a movie trailer green  screen intro. Have fun!!

Assignment Bank- Video Assignments

For this …

Interstellar Trailer

This is for the Mash-Up Trailer video assignment.  I made a trailer for Lost last week, so I thought I would try my hand at making one for a movie.  I just picked up Interstellar on DVD so I thought that would be a really fun film for which I …

Psychotic Notebook (5 stars)

So. There’s a reason I chose the profession I did (it was revealed in the radio show). If you were to read my diary, you wouldn’t find the Notebook as my story. In fact, that movie repulses me. My reality was the movie psycho, hence why I joined the two. …

The Frozen Dead


Hiya! So another mashup down! I decided to do the trailer mashup because it really stuck out to me when I was brainstorming ideas for the mashups. So I was thinking of different movies/tv shows that I could mash up and Frozen was the first thing that I came …

Space Jam 2 Trailer- (5 Stars)

When I saw this assignment, I knew this is one of the ones I wanted to complete. I am a huge fan of movies and I love going to the movie theater with family and friends to see them. I also love watching the trailers beforehand, so when I …

Godzilla Vs. The Incredible Hulk

Alright, so for my first Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to do the assignment Mash-Up Trailers. I chose this assignment, because I think it is a very cool thing to do, that requires a lot of creativity. Now, the hardest part for me in this assignment was …

Footloose/White Chicks Mash-Up

This assignment was wort (5 Stars) it required me to mash-up two distinct movie trailers. I choose to do Footloose and White Chicks because they both had funny & comedic dance sequences in it. I hope you all enjoy this and have a good laugh as I did.

A Mashup of Baltimore


I couldn’t help but mashup a trailer for two shows filmed in Baltimore. Clips that I downloaded from YouTube of Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire were combined with the theme song of The Wire and pictures with text that I made with an app on my …

A Mashup of Baltimore Inspiration

I download scenes from The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street and mashed them up in my iMovie app along with the song I downloaded from The Wire (“Way Down in the Hole” by The Blind Boys of Alabama) since both shows were filmed in Baltimore.

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

As Colonel Nathan R. Jessup in the movie A Few Good Men once said, “You can’t handle the truth!” I love the quote because of one main reason. It describes my favorite basketball player Paul Pierces nickname “The Truth”. So I did this video assignment and it was fun for …

Nothing but Mash

In this assignment I decided to make a mash-up of two really good movies I’ve seen a while back. The main base of the Movie Mash-up was Elysium  and the mashed parts of the movie was District 9. I mashed most of district 9 in the end of the …

Loss of Innocence

I’ve decided to make a short mock trailer inspired by this video assignment to depict the death of Wallace, a tragic moment from season 1. I also decided to include the effects on D’Angelo and the immediate aftermath. They were both very similar, as they both had a sense of …

letlive. younger music video and criminal minds clips

The most challenging part about this project was finding the few clips I have
from the show criminal minds. It was hard because I had to find a great clips I
wanted that would go well with the clips from the music video and because of
copyright laws and …

Pacific Rim vs Man of Steel Trailer

Pacific Rim vs. Man of Steel Trailer from Mai Shalalaiwan on Vimeo.

I decided to mash up two of my favorite blockbusters on the summer. I took a trailer from both movies and took out multiple action sequences. The song used in the video is an OST from the …

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Tutorials So Far

Mash Up Trailer

I do not understand how people make videos for a living. Once I finished this assignment, I literally had to put my head down on my desk. There was so many parts to this, I swear this video was like 40 minutes long.

So first, I needed an idea. I …

How To: Create A Mashup Trailer

This post is a detailed tutorial of how to complete the assignment Mash-Up Trailers within the Video Assignments bank. This tutorial will be heavily based around the use of iMovie, which should definitely help the Mac users out there. This tutorial will also use my previous completion of this …