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Submitted by: Ciara Norquist

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I want you to tell a joke, or create a longer comedy skit if you please, with sound effects! should be able to help you find sound effects. So for example when you get to the punch line, I want to hear laughter from the "crowd". Or if you fall down I want to hear a "thud". I want sound effects! You should include at least 3 sound effects in you skit.

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All ‘Fig’ured Out

Audio #4: Onomatopoeia!
Rating: ??

Who doesn’t love a good  joke combined with an onomatopeia? I know I do! And if you do too then you’ll absolutely love doing this assignment! This project involves finding a joke, riddle, etc. and pairing that joke with sounds to fill the background. The …

You got jokes?

For my last assignment, I chose to do a 2 star audio assignment called Onomotopoeias.

First, I decided to tell my favorite joke. Then I found sound effects (“What?” elephant noise, laughter) on I wanted everything but the joke to be not in my voice, which was kind …

Brittany Joke

Crack a joke with Onomatopoeias! For this assignment, we were asked to use sound effects and our voice to tell a joke. I looked online for jokes and came across a similar one to this. I changed it a bit and added music instead of just me talking. I …

Patrick’s Second Try

As another part of my Final Project, I decided to give Patrick a second try at cheering Spongebob up (not being allowed to go to work is horrifically depressing for the best fry cook of all time). So to do this, I used the Onomatopoeias! Audio Assignment, and it was completed in the same way …

This was a fun assignment.  I used audacity and played each sound when I needed it.  It wasn’t super difficult but it took a few tries to get everything I wanted in the right spot.  It is one of my favorite jokes, a perfect badum tss moment haha.  Feel…

My donation

This was the other assignment that I created for the DS106 Assignment Depository. For my assignment you have to be funny. You need to create a comedy bit that has at least three sound effects within it. You should be able to find most of your sound effects at…

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