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Opposites Attract meme

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Submitted by: Chloe Smolarski

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Using Photoshop or another image editing program create an image inwhich you combine two animals that traditionally hate each other to form a new hybrid animal. Consider adding text. 

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What is this monster?

This snake-rabbit was created for this visual assignment. I thought the premise of this assignment was really cool. I always jump at the opportunity to make funky images in Photoshop, so this assignment was probably the most fun I have had in the class so far!

For the source images …

Stringer and McNulty: BFFLs

Strange, right? McNulty and Stringers becoming best friends. I remember the first time in The Wire where they talked and Stringer drew that mean picture. Anyways, maybe they were best friends at one point. Like Professor Xavier and Magneto, yeah? Who knows. For my first assignment with my Final Project, …

Beware the Wild Zion

Week 5: Visual Assignment #2

Choosing and Brainstorming
For my second visual assignment, I chose to create an Opposites Attract Meme by taking two opposite animals and creating a hybrid animal. I immediately thought about lions and zebras (I’ve seen too much National Geographic), and thought the combination would create …

Frog + Fly = Fry?

Two animals that came to mind first was the frog and fly. I pondered long as to how I was going to combine the two. Either the frog head on the fly or vice versa. The more logical one to me was the fly head on a frog’s body and …

Wild 01’s 2013-09-28 19:53:24




“The Tables Have Turned”


Raw Chicken and Other Loose Ends

I must have my raw chicken hat!

So, I was unhappy with my first composite and decided to do it again but this time with layer masks in adobe photoshop CS6 . We’ll take a look tomorrow.

Here you go ….

Selecting in Photoshop 6 from chloe smolarski on Vimeo

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How To: Opposites Photo

I made this photo edit to put in my final story. It was inspired by the visual assignment prompt, Opposites Attract Meme. Though I did not turn it into a meme, I made the edit fit my story. This edit represents the two main characters, Draco and Sam, who …