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Take any real life video and give us a play by play commentary on what we see. It can be a sports event, funny video or videogame gameplay. Make it funny, make it real, make it anything you want to be. Lets hear what you have to say about the game! In this example a not so impressive player tells us what he does in a video game

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Cooking Children With Spooksy (VideoAssignments212 2 Stars)

So I did a few new things with this video, I used Open Broadcast Software to record an active computer window (free program, easy to use, would highly recommend), and I added a title and did narration in movie maker.  The title was super easy, I’ll probably use that again, …

A Trip to Fountainhead


I used to work at Fountainhead Regional Park.  Our park was pretty big and we rented boats so that customers could go out on the Occoquan Reservoir.


In this video I try to give an inside view to people who are visiting this park.  I took the …

Play by Play – Peanut Butter and Jelly

For this assignment, you are supposed to provide play by play commentary on a video. I thought to mix it up a bit and do something a little different, so I found a video on “how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” since it’s one of my favorite …

Play by Play

For this assignment (…) I took a video from youtube (…). Using a software that my dad has on his computer (Pinnacle), I edited out the music and audio that was in the video originally. Then, I did a voice play by play that i recorded …

Play By Play Preperation

Another assignment I am doing this week is

For this assignment I looked online and found a field hockey video of someone scoring a goal in a game. I stumbled upone this YouTube video of a girl scoring a goal in indoor field hockey.

I am just going to …

Interactive Spiderwick

When I was at art university and this way watched the world of art for some while, I expolored that artists may call themselves free and liberal, but they are not. I studied the Fine Arts and my professors very much critizised the ideas of their students and by this …

Gassy, Gassy, Hippo

Another assignment I chose to do is the play-by-play assignment which requires you to do a play-by-play commentary of any video. One video I watched recently that had me laughing was this

To do a voiceover of this video I first downloaded the video using clipconverter.

Next, I used Audacity

Lulu on the go!

Play by Play was one of the assignments I chose to do this week.  The purpose was to “take any real life video and give us a play by play commentary on what we see!”
Lulu is a bearded dragon and she loves crickets.  She spends most of her time…

Play by Play

The goal of this assignment was to give a short play by play of an everyday activity.  Well as most of you know by now, I love football and I love the redskins so I knew I wanted to do a play by play of the skins game.  Unfortunately, they…

Play by Play

So this assignment is to commentate a play by play for a video of something. I used to play alot of the game call of duty and my younger brother and I would record our game play for fun. So i managed to find this footage and decided to run…

UFC undisputed 3 play by play

this is my play by play analysis of the game ufc undisputed 3 which is available on the both the playstation 3 and xbox360. i myself have studied brazilian jiu jitsu and throughly enjoy the sport of mixed martial arts so i decided to do this play by play assignment…

Play by Play, NFL Style

I did a play by play of the Brandon Stokley TD against the Bengals back on the NFL’s Opening Sunday in 2009. I would say Gus Johnson had a way better call than me. I used Windows Movie Maker and Audacity to put it together. Enjoy. Video courtesy of the…

Play-by-Play: The Hangover

Bam! I finally stopped tweaking and posted this play-by-play humor analysis of the Wolfpack Speech scene in The Hangover. This go around I stated playing with transitions and incorporating music.
The Process:
First, I downloaded the video from da Youtube and opened it in iMovie. Next, I added my analysis…

Play by Play

Two Stars

This assignment was easy and fun! I simply found a clip from a tournament match in the video game: Halo 2. After then I used headphones to record my commentary using audacity. I then downloaded the actual youtube video using keepvid, then I put both my commentary…

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Tutorials So Far

Before You Can Walk

You have to crawl.  My daughter is learning to crawl and her daddy is away on military leave so I’ve been trying my best to capture the moment when she really gets it.  I’ve got tons of film of her almost crawling so I decided to put a little bit …