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Quote Me on That

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Submitted by: Jim Groom

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Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you've done and explain what interests you about it.

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i’m living up to my blog name

“Why don’t we write each other love poems? / Look at me collapse into babysobs and bare need, me, / sturdy and self-sufficient.”

“Inevitable Postcards” Ellen Doré Watson

This (two star, written) assignment required me to share a quote I’ve read and explain why it interests me. I have always …


For this assignment, I did Quote Me On That, where we had to, “Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you’ve done and explain what interests you about it.” Hey! we had two reading options this week, how about that. I already talked about how I really like …

Looking for More Satisfaction – Weekly Assignment #1

My first writing assignment was to find a quote that interests me and explain why it does. This wasn’t too hard since I enjoy poetry and follow a lot of poetry accounts on my main Instagram. So as I was scrolling along, I came across a page by Chloe Frayne …

Top Secret-ish

“I’d be a terrible secret agent. I can’t keep a secret and I’m not sneaky.”

This quote by Katherine Heigl is one that I ran into last week when I was looking into secret agent stuff. I thought this quote was funny and relatable, so when I found the “Quote Me On That”

Week 2 – Assignment 3

“Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you’ve done and explain what interests you about it.” – Quote Me on That

These past few months, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into self-improvement. One of the things I have aimed for improving was the rate at which I …

A Meaningful Western Quote

This assignment required me to pick a quote that I liked and write about why I found it interesting. For this week’s task I was required to complete writing assignments that equaled six stars. This assignment was worth two stars. I was required to tie it into the western course …

To Quote Some Dude…

“I don’t like green eggs and ham.”

I was struck with the potency of these words.The poor guy was trying to impart what he liked and didn’t like, but was constantly belittled. The “moral” of the story was to try new things and to be open to change. I think …

The Postman always Rings twice

Ill be the first one to say it, I love you Frank, Cora said this and I think right there and then she finally opened her heart to frank, because he had been a little apprehensive to me. She went with the flow of everything, she opened up at this point.

Blatant Advertisment

“In the world of advertising, there’s no such thing as a lie. There’s only expedient exaggeration.”

This quote comes from one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies, North by Northwest. It is was uttered by the character, Roger Thornill, played by Cary Grant.

Advertisements have changed in their distribution methods, …

Tilly Warnock: Words of Wisdom

I took the excellent Writing Process class with Dr. Rigsby a number of semesters ago and have carried this quote from Tilly Warnock with me since leaving:

“I learned to respect the potentialities and probabilities of revision, as I learned to respect the fallacy of hindsight, the truths we create …

Quote Me On That Writing Assignment

“You’re afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be. Mistakes can be profited from. Man, when I was younger I shoved my ignorance in people’s faces. They beat me with sticks. By the time I was forty my blunt instrument had been honed to a fine cutting point for me. If you …

A Quote By Kay

The “Quote Me on That” assignment that Professor Groom submitted to the Assignment Bank is a perfect one to dedicate to my Femme Fatale character, Julia James! It states: Share a quote (or quotes) from a reading you’ve done and explain what interests you about it. As designated by yours …

Writing assignment

There is a quote from the Dark-Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon that  states “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

This quote was said by the character Acheron who is the leader and turns out to be a form of a Greek God. I find it fascinating because it …

Savage Quotes

1953 Cover of Savage Night

Given we are focusing on writing in noir106 this week, I wanted to share some of the gems I have come across in Jim Thompson‘s 1953 novel Savage Night. And given I still have 8 stars of assignments to complete, I created a new

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Writing Assignment – Quote me on that

Step 1. Find a book, any book, do you read books? It could be Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis or a book for class

Step 2. Skim it (we all know you’re not gonna read the whole thing)

Step 3. Find a quote, …

Week 15

WEEK 15!!!!! Finals week wow !!!!!

Assignment ideas:

I like to move it move it – writing about freshman move in day for 2 stars

Extra Extra Read all about it – watching a tv episode and paying attention to the extras and background actors in the episode for 4 …