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Renegade Teacher

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Submitted by: Janine Davis

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Select your favorite movie/show/book character (bonus points if they are hilarious/inappropriate).  Write a script that depicts this person teaching a lesson to a group of children.  Ilustrate the script with images or construct a storyboard to accompany your script.

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Submissions So Far

Schoolyard Politics

For this assignment, I wanted to do the opposite of what was implied in the description. Rather than describe someone who shouldn’t be teaching because they are incompetent or inappropriate, I wanted to put someone in who was overqualified for the position, and simply couldn’t tone down for the audience.…

Never Again

Writing Assignment:

Renegade Teacher 3?

For this assignment we were supposed to write a story about a character teaching a class something, and it goes horribly wrong. So I wrote about the Tune Squad coming into a first grade class and telling them about what they do for a living. …

Renegade Teacher- 3 points (my character Ol Mick)

Mick- Ok kids. Let’s hurry this up so I can get the bar. I am gonna teach all you’s about crime.

Junior- Ol Mick, are you ok?

Mick- Yesh? Why do ask that question you?

Junior- You just are wobbling around and you smell really bad.

(Mick falls asleep for …

Andrea is a Teacher for the Day.

Here is the link to my example, using my own character! http://lifebysavanna.com/uncategorized/renegade-teacher-andrea-style/

Renegade Teacher: Andrea Style

For this Writing Assignment, I wanted to do something a little unconventional to the prompt. Instead of my favorite character, I am going to use my own character: Andrea.

Andrea walks in, filling in for the main teacher at Goolic Elementary. Andrea sits at her desk and begins to read …

Ziggy Plays Teacher

Ziggy completed the Renegade Teacher assignment through a Tumblr post that he shared on other social media (Google+, Twitter, Facebook). Ziggy’s most likely minuscule time on the internet (because he’s in prison and won’t get away with this for long) is turning into a time for self-reflection and he wants …

Teachers Are Terrible People…

This is for the Renegade Teacher writing assignment.

Okay, this one pretty much wrote itself. I remember seeing this yesterday and thought this would be a good picture! I wanted to do something a bit more vulgar for the writing, but I figured I should keep it clean. This scene …

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