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Rhythms With Things

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Submitted by: Kaitlin Geckle

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For this assignment find your inner DJ! Look around your house and find an object or two that make a cool noise, and create some sort of rhythm with it! Record, and upload it to Soundcloud for everyone to hear! Have fun and be creative!

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Audio Assignments Week 7!

This Assignment is worth 2 stars. It is AudioAssignments2004. I had to create the we will rock you beat from the artist queen in a creative way. I used a paper cup and my breathing to create the beat. 

This assignment is worth 3 and a half stars. It is …

Agent Smith – Cool Sound!

Greetings, fellow agents. I discovered a new sound! It’s amazing! Listen to it below. I just managed to find stuff laying around and got a beat going on it. I had to be extra quiet though, since I am in the middle of a mission in between enemy territory! …

Rhythms with things 3 star

For this assignment we had to make a rhythm with something from around our house. When I was a little kid I like to make drums out of pots and pans so I decided to do that. I used a spoon and hit it against the pot and my counter …

Rhythms With Things

“Rhythms With Things”

In this assignment I was assigned to find things around the house to make a rhythm with. The items I gathered were a metal plate, a glass plate, a empty plastic water bottle, a full plastic water bottle, a spoon, and a pencil. Im not very musical …

Rhythm with Things

For my other audio assignment, I made a song with Audacity using random household items. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

I’ll start by explaining a little bit about what I used for this assignment. When I read the description, I knew I had to do this! I love …


I chose to complete the audio assignment ‘rhythms with things’ an assignment worth three stars.

For this assignment I used a pen, kleenex box, and hands to create a rhythm.

For this assignment all I did was play around with a couple beats until I felt comfortable enough to …

Audio Assignment – Rhythms with Things

I struggled with this assignment mainly because I don’t have rhythm. My solution? Play with racquetballs. I took two of my racquetballs, began recording and simply played around with them. I even accidentally knocked over their container (which can be clearly heard in the video). By the end of it, …

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