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Shadow of a Doubt

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Submitted by: Megan C.

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Take a photograph incorporating shadows as the subject. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just observe how light and shadow appear in unique and interesting ways. Look at the shadows cast by window blinds on skin or by leaves on a sidewalk or by people. Shadows change in length and darkness depending on the time of day. Shadows can tell you a lot about the actual object being photographed or nothing at all. Tell a story with your picture.

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Submissions So Far

A Dark Reflection

Be on the lookout for this sign. It marks the entranceway to the Shadow Fredericksburg. There everything is reversed. Ross Bob angrily photographs large unhappy bushes. You might find yourself in an analog nonfiction writing class. You may even find yourself attending courses at WMU instead of UMW. Everything in …

Shadow of a Doubt

For this assignment, for 2.5 stars, I had to take a picture with shadows adding to the picture. I decided to take to my backyard, and found a lot of interesting shadows made by leaves. For my picture, I chose a singular branch because it had the most light shining …

Shadow of a Doubt

2.5 Stars

I took two photos dealing with shadows. They are of the same tree, but at different times. This first photo was taken around 4 pm. The second at about 6 pm. In the first photo, the tree has a mixture of light and dark. The leaves are all …

Who’s there?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I found someone in my room when I came back from class. I walked in my door and there was this figure on the wall near my desk that just stood there. I had no idea what could have caused it so I quickly …

Flowery shadows.

This is the original link to the assignment. I was told to focus on the shadow as the main subject. Also, how the lines are defined between the shadow and the light. This is a photo off my front porch where the sunset is setting soon, giving this shadow …

Shadow of a Doubt

You hear a creak down the hallway in the middle of the night. You’re in bed and sit up, trying to decide if it is worth it to check out the disturbance. You listen, and hear nothing, so you decide to lie back down. Just as you go to close …


We were driving through Washington state when I took this photo. It was the golden hour for photography and the trees looked amazing.

The shadows cast by the set of trees to the right ended up making the forest on the left look as if it had two sets of …

Myself and I

Two collaged photos from ‘Me and My Shadow’ series

Dynamic Duo

My Shadow of a Doubt


My “Shadow of a Doubt” assignment submission #theend106 #ds106 #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments2072

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Behind the Scenes

It’s such a simple photo, but you can pick up on the main narrative: the strength …

Not a shadow of a doubt

My wedding ring that has yet to be worn. 223 days to go!…

Till death or low battery do us apart

Just a fun photo that I clicked with my wife. I’ve tried to show my love for photography and for my wife in the same frame. The camera is both a point of confluence and conflict (at times) with my wife and is a constant companion on our trips.

Shadow of a Doubt

I chose to do the assignment Shadow of a Doubt as my topic for my first writing assignment. I chose this topic as my first assignment because the concept of a shadow is pretty simple and easy, a shadow is created by blocking light. But, shadows have a lot of …

Shady Shadows

Visual Assignment #1

In all honesty when I take a picture (regardless of what it is) I always try to not incorporate shadows because for me, it can sometimes ruin a picture. Because of that particular reason I thought that the Shadow of Doubt assignment would be an interesting task …

Shadow of a Doubt

I took this picture in low light with only a flashlight as the light source. I liked the way black and white contrast with each other on a piano keyboard and the way shadows fall on it. I didn’t want to include the identity of the person playing it, because …

Shadow of a Doubt

I decided to go with these two just because I couldn’t choose which one I liked better! the First on has shadows from the kitchen as well as the table which appears to be a masquerade mask. The one the left is a bit more subtle but I liked the …

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadows are great at telling stories. I think I have always loved the way shadows look in pictures, the way they act as positive space while at the same time being the absence of light. For the “Shadow of a Doubt” assignment, I took a picture of a friend holding …

Casting a shadow

I am not very vigilant around my surroundings especially when I focus on something with great intensity. However, shadows shown here that the light casts on the computer screen have always caught my eye whenever I am working because it is always there, kind of like waiting for me to …


As this person looks at his shadow he feels empty inside. He is tired and sad. He drops to his knees and asks God to help him through this terrible time. He asks God for forgiveness for his past sins he has committed.

When I look at this picture I …

Something About A Shadow

Something that follows me

Something that covers the bad behind me, but helps me learn

Something I try and be the best model for, inner and outer

Something that reminds me the shape of myself, the shape of my character

Something that comes out in the days brightest, challenging, exciting …

Home to Many

For this assignment, I decided to look around the house for shadows that resembled familiar objects and relate the shadow objects to the original objects. I found some more visually complex combinations throughout the house including a curtain whose shadow looked like a giant cactus plant and a Santa figurine …

What’s in a Shadow?

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadows have a particular peculiarity to them. Agent Fawn for instance always thought it frustrating how much shadows disproportionated the actuality of the real object. For instance her shadow in particular was always much taller than she thought it ought to be. Given her height, it …

Shadow of a Doubt

This was based on the assignment found here ( When I think of shadows my mind goes to shadow puppetry because it is so a fun and interesting way to convey a message. I really appreciate the plasticity of shadow puppets in what they can be and represent.…

Shadow of a doubt

It’s another late night in the newspaper office and I begin my trek home on my bike, as I do most weeks. I’ve become familiar with the shadow coming off my bike to symbolize the end of a long day and a big sigh of relief later, I unlock my …

Shadow of a Doubt

This is a photo of my roommate and I in our driveway. This photo was taken at about 4:15 pm. We had to wait till later in the day to take the photo because earlier it was more of an overcast that left shadows nowhere to be found. Whats funny …

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadows are fun things to use when taking photographs. I found this amazing picture online at

I think this is an amazing picture because shadows can be used to show what the time of day is but these shadows show years in the past. These shadows show what these …

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