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Submitted by: Spencer Scott

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This is an assignment for two or more people.  

It's very simple: Take turns writing a collaborative story via email, each writing a minimum of 4 times. 

Have fun with it! 

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Sharing Credit

A Comet, what?

For my last writing assignment I did Sharing credit, Which is chatting with a person telling a story. 4 Star

I decided to text one of my good friends Z to see what she was up to. This conversation was actually quiet interesting. We asked each other about their weekend …

Sharing Credit

I decided to create a story with my roommate Tala. Tala would email me one line of the story and I would respond with another line. We did not discuss the plot of the story before writing. Therefore, the story we came up with is very random. You have been …

I wrote half of this story.

As soon as I saw this post, I got super excited. I loved the idea of creating a story with someone else. Writing is something I enjoy doing in my pass time, and I thought this would be a great way to spend time with my suite-mate, who is also …

Sharing Credit

For this assignment, we needed to get a partner and interact with them via a means of communication. I chose to use Facebook messenger because it was easiest to screenshot. Each person had to say at least four lines. I did this with my boyfriend, Jay, and below I have …

Back to the Western

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Where are they now?

Howdy Danny,

It’s Sally here on this new thing called a computer. I’m sending you this e-mail because I don’t know where the heck I am. I ended up in the north in a place called Virginia and I have been …

Time Traveling Train

For this assignment, Lindsey M‘s character Danny and my own Sally  “emailed” each other a little sequel to the radio show they participated in. It consists of a time traveling train and what’s going on back in Tombstone, Arizona. Read below to see what happening now in that …

Sharing Credit

  4 Stars…

We didn’t sext I swear

The first Collaborative Character Media Assignments I completed this week was actually created by our very own Spencer. Mostly because we wanted to do our own version of an existing assignment, and didn’t want to bend the rules THAT greatly. So he just created his own assignment for us …

Job Opportunity Made Sara and Jeffery meet!

Earlier this week I have created the resume that was a 3 stars assignment based on this job opportunity here is the link for it.

This is a 4 stars assignment that Mariam Khan and Sahar Alkhelaifi collaborate to do the assignment in both of the characters Jeffery Davidson “Mariam’s …

Let’s Talk About Sharing Credit

Considering this week is all about collaborative work, I wanted to introduce the idea of sharing credit to DS106. We’re a community of creators, so why not make an assignment to demonstrate that?

I was hanging out in the ITCC doing my work, like normal, when who stumbled by but …

Jeffrey makes a connection with Sara!

Sharing Credit
4 Stars

For this assignment you had to present a collaborative story via email among two people. To complete this assignment I worked alongside with Sahar and we send emails back and from our characters emails that we created for class this. My character Jeff had just posted …

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