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Show Us Your Headless13 ds106 Self

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Submitted by: @iamTalkyTina

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Okay. So #ds106 is going Headless for the fall of 2013.

Show us your #ds106 #headless13 self in an animated GIF. We want to see you with -- and without -- your head.

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Submissions So Far

Who is really running the show?Here is my headless self (see…

Who is really running the show?

Here is my headless self (see also here)—though actually, it’s less headless than showing some other head hidden behind mine.

Truth be told, who is really running the show is my 6-year-old son, but since I don’t like to show his image in …

A day late and a head short

So I’m a day late in getting to the autodecaptiation challenge. This assignment was a problem because I don’t have many pictures with my head in them. I tried using one of my wedding pictures, but trying to reconstruct the background behind my head was more trouble than it …

Losing My Head

As the fall DS106 approaches TalkyTina ups cogodg’s challenge to the gif.

So in my head Grace Slick is now singing ‘lose your head’ and of course I lost my head to ds106 a while ago, and there is zen idea of having no head.

Gif put together from …

Don’t lose your head

Leading up to the headless ds106 planned for this fall, it’s an August GIF-a-thon. I managed to find some time tonight to get one finished and uploaded.

What you see below is a reconstruction of what really happened. We were able to get to the doctor in time …

Enlightened Mr. Smith

Poor Mr. Smith just can’t keep his head together. Sometimes his head explodes, or disappears to another dimension. Sometimes it comes back, just not quite the same. He claims he is now enlightened.


Juggling Me Head

Ok. Ok. Ok. Here I am. Losing my head.

The Painted Lady Vanishes

So there are some pretty serious problems with this as my gif submission for day 1 of the August Animated Gifpolooza Eternum or whatever the Dog and the Doll are calling this end of summer gif thing.

First, you might have guessed (if you know me), that’s not me. That’s …

Engineering Headless Rockylou

Headless Rockylou Animated GIF

TalkyTina Hulka has given the Headless ds106 Fall 2013 participants an animated GIF challenge for the month of August.  Her first “assignment” was for us to create an animated GIF to show our headless self. [Link to TalkTina’s example]

Headless Rockylou

I took …

August 2013 GIF Challenge #1: Your Headless Self

Okay. So #ds106 is going Headless for the fall of 2013. So we need a new Animated GIF Assignment to celebrate!

AnimatedGIFAssignments1181, ”Show Us Your Headless Self” Show us your #ds106 #headless13 self in an animated GIF. We want to see you with – and without – your head.

Post …

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