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My memories fade over time, but sometimes there is a song that can take me back to a place that revives the memories of my past. The song allows me to remember things I thought I had forgotten. So, for an assignment, pick a song that does that for you, and tell some stories about what you remember. An example for me would be to pick a song off of the Journey "Escape" album, and talk about the summer job I had cutting the grass for my high school the summer before my senior year. The smells, the grease, the noise, the sunburn, the boredom, the friends. In the assignment you might want to mix your voice over parts of the song, give an intro, tell the story first and play the song, break up the song with the story - lots of options. But nothing too long - my attention span is short. These would be great to post on ds106 radio.

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Look Ma! See What I Learned!?!

My skills have blossomed, and so has this photo collage! What was once a static set of five photos is now a photo video with background sound. Wonders are not ceasing. I took the five images from VisualAssignment2109 and decided that if these are supposed to be Places of Peace, …

A Defiant Song Story

I always had a determination to insist on fairness so when AudioAssignments75 came up to write a Song Story, something popped immediately in my head. From the time of my memories, I’ve thought about fairness and why being male or female was such a big deal when people thought about …

Song Story

There are a ton of songs that bring back memories but one of my favorites is “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me” by Father John Misty. Daniel and I met online and enjoyed talking to each other so much we decided to meet. On the day we met, he gave …

Memory Lane


For this assignment, I chose to take a stroll down memory lane. The assignment is to pick a song that reminds me a certain time/place/or memory and then talk about it.

I chose “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey. It always reminds me of my junior year in high …

Washed Out and Away

For this assignment I had to choose a song that made me feel nostalgic and explain why. I chose the song It All Feels Right by Washed Out.  This is the perfect summer song that really brings me back to just a summer of no worries and responsibilities.

Listen to …

Down Under

First off, if I ever buy music from Google Play again, I’m an idiot. Trying to do things legally is such a pain in the ass, and I am never leaving iTunes again. I almost burst into tears of frustration more than once trying to a) ascertain if I had …

Cactus In The Valley, A Story;

Here’s a short memory from last fall.


2 Stars


To make this, I first downloaded Audacity. I converted Cactus In The Valley (Feat Adam Young) to a .WAV file using an online converter. Then, I wrote out my thoughts so I didn’t stumble my way through …


For the “Song Story” assignment I used Garageband to record my audio. I’m going to let you listen in order to get the explanation for my song choice.

Stars: 3 Audio…

Wouldn’t it be nice?

The first audio assignment that I chose to do was titled Song Story (***). For this assignment, the task was to pick a song and talk about what memory that song triggers when you hear it.

Picking a song was a little hard. I feel like every song triggers some …

I Go Back.

SongStory by Jerry [3/10] Stars
I chose to take part in this audio assignment because of the song, I Go Back by Kenny Chesney. I have country roots and this song is my home-run song… LITERALLY it makes me feel like I am back home. This song has so many…

Good Times, Bad Times Song Story

This assignment prompted you to tell a story with a song that reminds you of it. I went through my itunes play list and came across this classic song by Led Zepplin Good times, Bad times, and I immediately began to reflect on time spent with a cousin of mine…

A Summer with Drops of Jupiter

For this Audio Assignment I had to choose a song that triggers a memory for me and describe what the memory is. It took me awhile to figure out which song I wanted to use. So many of my memories are associated with either songs or smells. I went through…

Bobbie and Me

SongStory — MISSION: DS106
My memories fade over time, but sometimes there is a song that can take me back to a place that revives the memories of my past. The song allows me to remember things I thought I had forgotten. So, for an assignment, pick a song that…

Song Story

Here is my “Song Story”. I illustrate the times my father and I spent driving listening to this song, “Resollution” by Eric Johnson, usually on our way to his studio in Long Island. It brings back great memories everytime I hear it.…

Song Story- Back in the Days

For this assignment we had to choose a songs that reminded us of something:
I choose this song because when I listen to it I remeber the good old days when I was young and my family was more oriented. As always, when time goes on things start to change.…


Mama Said Knock You Out
This will always be the song that take me back to my childhood. This was the first cd I ever had and the first video i seen on MTV. I would literally just listen to this song over and over again. It’s just classic and…

When you believe(Song Story) 4points + 3 point Sound effect story

Can you guess what kind of movie it is?

My childhood was a pleasent one until my father passed away from bone cancer and there are certain moments in my life that i can remember him being around me and we are just having fun.The prince of egypt is one…

Why did I even try.

Song Story ds106
Back in 2002.I was in 4th grade.
It is 2011.I am 19.
My greatest and darkest history.
Back then, my friends and I were really into this girls group.called ??????? (morning musume, morning girls)
((Thinking about it now,they were like AKB.But a little bit different.))
I really…

18 (ds106 assignment 2)

This assignment is called SongStory. Basically I am to choose a song that reminds me of certain memories from the past.
When I turned 18, I got on a plane to visit my home town Houston, Texas. I hadn’t visited the states for about 4 years and I was really…


This is for digital storytelling.Assignment name is Song Story.
Now I will share my memory in America.I was an exchange student from Japan, and stayed in America for one year.It was not always happy things for me. In fact, some of my experiences are still my trauma.I got many problems,…

Creepy Doll

Inspired by Scary Stories from Strawberry and my fave Creative Commons musician, Jonathan Coulton, I bring you the Reimagined Sign + SongStory:
Creepy Doll

In a town in the woods at the top of a hill
There’s a house where no one lives
So you take a big bag of…

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Turn Back The Hands of Time Through Song

The Song Story assignment was to take a song that had a significant meaning to you and tell a story with the memories of that song. The assignment worth 3 stars.
I chose R. Kelly “If I could turn back the hands of time”, my memory is the death and…