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_cokwr: My memories fade over time, but sometimes there is a song that can take me back to a place that revives the memories of my past. The song allows me to remember things I thought I had forgotten. So, for an assignment, pick a song that does that for you, and tell some stories about what you remember. An example for me would be to pick a song off of the Journey "Escape" album, and talk about the summer job I had cutting the grass for my high school the summer before my senior year. The smells, the grease, the noise, the sunburn, the boredom, the friends. In the assignment you might want to mix your voice over parts of the song, give an intro, tell the story first and play the song, break up the song with the story - lots of options. But nothing too long - my attention span is short. These would be great to post on ds106 radio., _cpzh4: Audio, _chk2m: Jerry, _ciyn3: 75, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

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My skills have blossomed, and so has this photo collage! What was once a static set of five photos is now a photo video

I always had a determination to insist on fairness so when AudioAssignments75 came up to write a Song Story, something popped immediately in my

There are a ton of songs that bring back memories but one of my favorites is “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me” by Father John


For this assignment, I chose to take a stroll down memory lane. The assignment is to pick a song that reminds me a certain time/place/or

For this assignment I had to choose a song that made me feel nostalgic and explain why. I chose the song It All Feels Right

First off, if I ever buy music from Google Play again, I’m an idiot. Trying to do things legally is such a pain in the

Here’s a short memory from last fall.


2 Stars


To make this, I first downloaded Audacity. I converted Cactus In The Valley (Feat

For the “Song Story” assignment I used Garageband to record my audio. I’m going to let you listen in order to get the explanation for

The first audio assignment that I chose to do was titled Song Story (***). For this assignment, the task was to pick a song and talk

SongStory by Jerry [3/10] Stars I chose to take part in this audio assignment because of the song, I Go Back by Kenny Chesney. I have

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The Song Story assignment was to take a song that had a significant meaning to you and tell a story with the memories of that song.