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Spooky Dialogue

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Submitted by: Jason Nemeth

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Create a track of surreal or scary dialogue.  Use an audio editing program like Audacity to record your voice, then layer it with distortions, speed changes, other sounds, or anything else you can think of.  The idea is to make yourself sound like something otherworldly.

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Heavy Fog

This audio narrative was inspired by an assignment that requested that you create a spooky dialogue with distortions and creative moves to make it sound scary.

As I was editing this together, I didn’t like the audio distortions very much for the story, so I layered together a thick ambiance …

Spooky Dialogue

Spooky Dialogue

This was an Audio Assignment and it was worth 3 and 1/2 stars. This assignment was to make a spooky dialogue using your voice and other sounds. Since this week we had to use at least 5 stars worth of assignments on our host character I thought I …

Spooky Dialogue

This week we were to create audio assignments that might work well with our radio show due to air next week.  For one of my projects I chose this one entitled Spooky Dialogue and created a Spooky Commercial to air on the radio show.  The Commercial is coming from my …

UnReality: Spooky Dialogue Audio Assignment

I chose to do the Spooky Dialogue audio assignment in the assignment bank, because I figured it would allow me a chance to really play around with the different things I can do in Audacity, and I’m attracted to spooky and unsettling things. Basically, for this assignment, we have to …

Lily-Dog Nightmare

OK, so we all like to talk to our pets in baby-talk. You know, poopsy-doopsy ohhhh what a good girl! Have you ever thought that it might not sound as appealing to your dog as it does to you?

I decided to take up Jason Nemeth’s challenge in his audio …

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