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Compile clips of you participating in your sport. They can be from practice or in-game. Make sure that your clips show you doing well/ making good plays. Show yourself off a little. Doesn't matter how you compile the videos, just make the whole thing a few minutes long. Add some cool music or sounds to make it even more interesting!

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Dance highlights

For this assignment, I put together highlights of me dancing! I wanted to complete this assignment because I was thinking of doing some type of dance video for my final project and wanted to get a feel of what it would be like to edit it.

To complete this, …

Dance Highlights

Sport Highlights

For this assignment, I used the apple software iMovie to create this video. I imported videos from my camera roll and was able to begin constructing my video. 

I did not have a hard time with this project at all as this software was very easy to use. …

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Lacrosse Highlights

Fitness Compilation

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Track & Field Highlights

Throwing Highlights – UMW Track & Field…

Summer 2017 soccer highlights

For this 4 star assignment I pulled some old clips out of my camera roll and edited it to look like a highlight tape. Before even watching it, I would like to tell people that this is not the best highlights as I did not have the best videos to …

UMW Tennis Highlights

For this assignment I was asked to create a highlight tape of a sport I play. This was a really cool assignment because not only did it allow myself to showcase me playing the sport but it also let me show how my teammates play to. I loved being able …

Sport Highlights – SBD

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in for another one of my posts today. 4 more stars down after this one, 2 to go!

I was initially on the fence about doing this video assignment, but I chose to go for it because it mentioned ‘practices’ being acceptable footage. In …

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