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Sticky Note Animation

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Submitted by: Chris Lloyd

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Lets go back in time and make an old school sticky note animation... Maybe it will make us appreciate our computer animation tools a little better. What's nice about using sticky notes is that they are so thin you don't even need a light table.

1. Get a pack of blank sticky notes.

2. Create an animation using each sticky note as a frame. Be creative here!

3. Take pictures of each frame and put them together to make an animation!

4. Upload to your blog!

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Submissions So Far

‘Merican Cat

It was better with the Team America them song playing in the background.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

So, the other week I made my first ever GIF using GIFFY. And now I bring to you, GIF number two.

Im getting good at it, I have to say. I even added an effect this time to make my pen look like an etch-a-sketch – love it.

I made …

Cat: Portrait of a Troublemaker.

For the second gif assignment this week, I chose to do a sticky note animation. I have fun making little animations in the flipnote app on my 3DS, but it’s been a long time since I’ve actually made a real flipbook. I’m gonna go ahead and show you the …

Stormtrooper Blues: Sticky Note Animation

I decided to make an animation in the vein of the old flipbook animations that I used to scibble in whatever book I was ……

Paper Riders

Welcome to a tiny bull chase, featuring two inked-in cowboys and a round little bull. This GIF assignment, which has you draw an animation sticky note style and convert it into a GIF, gave room for plenty of creativity. In my own version, I wanted to capture something like …

I made an animated GIF for you!

How I did it:

I wasn’t crazy about the design week since I am pre-internet era.  However, I was able to combine the two for this old school/new age GIF.  I drew a stickman flip book on post it notes (totally old school).  Poor little stickman learns about gravity.  Then …

Sticky Note Animation

This is a short clip called “My Rock Movie”. It didn’t take that long to do and was kind of fun. I used a coin pen, 10 Stick notes, and two sheets of paper.


My second assignment!

I created my second assignment today! It was a flash back to my childhood… I used to love making animations, I used to do it in tons of different ways, however one of my favorites was using sticky notes. It is just so easy to do it that way!! Here …

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Tutorials So Far

Sticky Note Animation Tutorial

This is a tutorial for an assignment I created here. The idea is to use sticky notes to construct an animation! Let’s get started!

First you need a writing utensil and sticky notes:

Next, it’s time to start drawing! I recommend writing the frame number on the note somewhere, …