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Story TIme Fun Time!

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Submitted by: Nick Randall

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Tell ds106 a fantastic tale! Add sound effects, epic music, and colorful and creative descriptions to bring your story to life. It should roughly be a 2-5 minute story. Make sure you make it nice and entertaining!

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ds 106: Story time fun time (3.5 stars)

There are a lot of options in regards to telling a story. I could talk about anything, tell any sort of tale for this. What really inspired me was the idea of continuing off of a gif assignment I had completed last week. The story revolves around a monstrous dog …

The Return Of Muffs?

Original DS106 Assignment: Story Time Fun Time (3.5 stars)

A story based on events! An on going investigation of what happened to Muffin. Did she escape? Is she under the couch? Will I get her back?

Step 1: Open Audacity. Record your original story to add as the first audio …

Ella & Gwendolyn

For my final assignment, I chose to start working on building my story for the radio show with the Story Fun Time! Assignment (3.5 stars). I was first thinking about using a conversation for the story, but then I remembered that my characters are Irish and my Irish accent is …

Alternate History: World War III

For the first 3.5 stars out of the 12 needed for our Audio Assignments, I completed the storytime audio assignment. This had to tie back into our alternate history choice in some way, shape, or form. For my alternative history, I decided to take a look at what …

Sound Off – part 4

Hello, everyone! This is the story of what it might be like if The Beatles never broke up (based on the alternate history story I told, last week):

I grabbed all of the sounds and the music from and the Free Music Archive, with the exception …

The Outcome of an Alternative History: The South Wins

The past two weeks, we have researched different questions about the outcome of an event in the past if it historically was altered. In the last two weeks, I have analyzed the alternative history of the Civil War, predicting the outcome of the war if the south had won.

Dear Friends: Storytime Fun


The last required assignment for the third week was Story Time Fun a 3 1/2 star assignment, which was linked to our previous Alternative History assignment. Last week I had to actually change my assignment (giving me more work to do) because I noticed that I couldn’t do much …

Time Interview with Michael Jackson

MIchael wasn’t really known for doing interviews. In fact, I think he went fourteen years in between them, only coming out of hiding when Oprah came calling. So I thought to myself, I wonder what it would be like if I could interview him but in the FUTURE.

Elvis has Not left the builiding 2.0

For this assignment I decided to try my best and create a sample of what Elvis might be doing if he was still alive. I thought that if he were here he would most likely do a collaboration with Demi Lovato. I feel like if he were still here, he …

The Journey

When telling this story about a hellish post-apocalyptic land, rather than trying to tell a grand sweeping story, I decided to make it a more down to earth tale. To that end, I decided to tell this story from the perspective of a lone traveler, a young man who has …

Smartphones Were Never There

Alternative History assignment

This assignment, from the assignment bank, required us to tell a story based on our alternative history assignment topic we chose a week ago. Since I chose the topic of “what if smartphones never existed”, I decided to tell a story of the many different …

Tensions Flare at Home

Story Time!

Telling a story using audio could not possibly be hard, right? Well, while literally telling a story into a mic has inherent simplicities, making an audio story for the story-time assignment had challenges. Mixing the audio of the different tracks required much listening and re-listening to get the …

Sounds of an Alternate History

For this assignment I wanted to create a normal day in the life of the uncolonized American. I wanted to see what the world would be like if Europe never colonized the rest of the world.

I  did some research about what the Iroquois ate and enjoyed in order …

A Winters’ Tale

For this audio assignment I had to tell a story and include sound effects and creepy music to bring it to life. I decided to act as my host character, Eve Winters, and tell the story of her mother’s run-in with the diabolical “Bloody Face”.

Honestly this story is creepy …

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