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SuperHero – Super Villain Your Friends

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith (for CogDog)

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Turn your friend into a superhero or a super villain by preplacing an existing character's head with your friends. Or mix and match any variety of body parts, super powers, etc. for effect. Also consider adapting a character's quote to suit your friend's personality and include it in the image.

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Submissions So Far

Wolverine -Dale

Your average family man just looking to live his life un noticed, but he will step up when needed.


I made a photo with my friends face on Loki from Thor and the advengers.

Superhero Best Friend

My best friend favorite superhero is Spiderman so I figure I should use this opportunity to use him in this assignment. For this assignment, I used Faceswap online and took my best friend’s picture and a picture of Spiderman and mashed them together with the lasso tool.

Assignment 5 – Design Assignments- Super Villain

I chose snidely Whiplash from Rocky And Bullwinkle show, as my villain. I love watching this cartoon as a child. I pasted his on my boyfriends body using iPhone app “Iswap”. Then after I saved image, I reopened in another iPhone app called “Juxtaposer”.…

Super Villiain Your Friend

In this assignment “SuperHero-SuperVillain Your Friends”  we had to turn our friend into a super hero or villiain. I think Kick Ass is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen so I had to use Red Mist.
First I cropped out my “friend” (acutally my cousin’s face) which…

Lets Get those Pants Off

I decided to start off my week with a simple assignment in order to get a few stars and get use to this section. This is a friend of mine who suits the chosen quote very well as he has a tendency to lose his pants. I came up with…

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