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First, go to your blog and tell us a story. Any story. Fact or fiction. Make it as long as it needs to be to tell it well. 

Then, go to Twitter and retell your story, distilling it down into a single tweet. Embed your tweet at the end of the original blog post. 

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Forward momentum

For the majority of my posts I like to hover around that 80’s theme. For this assignment I thought to share this story because it is hilarious. Towards the end of 6th grade my parents finally felt comfortable leaving me around the house when they had other matters to attend …

Tell it / Tweet it

Lunar Dependence

The time was almost upon them. They had waited twenty-three hours for this. The moon was almost aligned. Maybe this time they would learn their lesson.
It had been ten years since the global power outage. Now their only source of power came from a solar plant on …

The 80s famous Bill.

This assignment asked for me to create a fiction story. I am choosing to create a story that evolves within the 80s time.

During the 80s, there was all types of music being created and published. There was a man named Bill Lyons who was becoming a famous singer for …

How short is too short?

“First, go to your blog and tell us a story. Any story. Fact or fiction. Make it as long as it needs to be to tell it well. Then, go to Twitter and retell your story, distilling it down into a single tweet. Embed your tweet at the end of the …

How I chose UMW

I’ve decided to choose the assignment Tell It for 3 stars. This story is about how I chose UMW. As everybody knows I play tennis and wanted to play in college so I started looking at places where I could play. I originally wanted to go D1 and look at …

A Story About a Sad Puppy on a Rainy Day

I regret to inform you that the title pretty much gave away the plot of this story: it is about a sad puppy on a rainy day. But I promise if you stick around, there’s a happy ending. I got the idea to do this assignment here, and I …

The Time I was Kidnapped (sort of)

My parents grew up teaching my sisters and I the important lesson of “stranger danger”.

Now for many of you, I am sure that your parents taught you the same life lesson. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with “stranger danger” I will go ahead and teach you …

Writing Assignment 2160

A week or two ago my dad, sister, girlfriend and I flew out to California for my uncles wedding. this particular uncle happened to be my favorite, and i hadn’t seen him in a few years now, so I was pretty excited. i was also able to my the rest …


On a chilly morning I went to practice soccer w my pop and bro but I did not want go. I was being lazy and missed a penalty kick so pop made me sprint but bc I was jogging so he threw a frog at me. it was then I sprinted. full story on website

Cityswept (Assignment Bank #1)

Tell It / Tweet It (Writing)

First, go to your blog and tell us a story. Any story. Fact or fiction. Make it as long as it needs to be to tell it well. Then, go to Twitter and retell your story, distilling it down into a single tweet. Embed …


The house owned by my step-grandparents in Kenya

This summer I visited Kenya with my family! We visited many people and saw many animals, so there are many stories to tell. First we stayed at my step-grandparents house in Nairobi, we got to meet some locals and they taught us …

The Hardest Choice

When my nephew was a year old, his parents packed up him and my three nieces and drove to Fredericksburg for the 4th of July. Now, they had four kids (now there’s 5), and zero time to themselves, so we (Me, husband, and two other friends) take the kids, and …

New York City: June 18, 2058

Week 3: Tell it/Tweet it

Crystalline frost crawled across the landscape like an animated summoning from some Ancient Ice Demon, engulfing trees, creeping up buildings, glossing over puddles and fountains, and turning them solid. I watched from my perch on the ninth floor of my apartment building the ice sheet …

Tell It / Tweet it The Disease is her to stay

Here is short story opening up about a disease that hit the US via a cruise ship

Tell It / Tweet It – The Disease is here to stay

The financial crisis is the least of our worries at this point. The stock market is purely reacting the signs of a major disease outbreak. The one thing that has feared people for yeas is finally happening.

I still can’t believe that from the start that this wasn’t taken seriously. …

PERU and CHILE 2k17

WritingAssignments, WritingAssignments2160This past summer, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime.

My name is Dan and I consider myself pretty well traveled. I have visited numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. With that being said, I had never been to a place quite like Chile before. Most …

It’s Too Late Now

Looking up in the sky, her breathing slowed.  Above the roaring in her ears, it was the only sound she could hear. The pounding of her heart caused her chest to ache dully, but it was the only thing she could feel. Eyes glistening and sweat forming on her already …

Because He Loves Me

Beads of warm sweat trickle down my temples, tickling the peach fuzz between my eyes and my hairline. My eyes teem over with tears as he leans in closer, his nose mere inches from mine. He pulls back and turns slightly away. My exhale is so quiet, so subtle – …

It’s Dinner Time…Zombie Style!

She opened her eyes to complete darkness and the muffled sound of a radio playing. She was in the trunk of a car, but she didn’t remember how she got there. Her name was Aubrey. She was a twenty one year old college student who waitressed at a small town …

A Zombie Question

The question was asked, “In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?”

Neither, because I would want to be whatever my family and friends are. That way, I would not feel lonely, out …

Assignment Number One

Hello, Here is a description of my yearly trip to the DC Auto Show and my observations.

In the Woods

We live in an area where not many people go. There are around five houses next to ours and we live down a long, narrow, gravel road. It may sound weird, but the view is breathtaking, the view of the water and sunset everyday is something I will never get …

Hope for Rapa Nui?

Rapa Nui is the island I call home. Although today it is desolate, Grandfather tells us stories of when our island was lush and full of trees and crops to feed the thousands of inhabitants. When I drift off some days, I imagine myself running through the forest and rolling …

Solitary Eden

Every clang on the vault door wracked her conscience. She leaned against the door observing the pale walls of the vault, recalling the last four days of pleading to the wardens through tears and snot and spit, “Open the door you damn cowards, he’s going to die!”

But it was …

The Mother of 4

Once upon a time, there was only Mother Earth and the Father Sun in existence. The Earth felt that she was without form due to being so far from her love for so long. Mother Earth grew very lonely and lost in time. She felt as if something was missing …

Zombies Are People Too

“So you … corralled all of these zombies into this mall?”

“I prefer to call them biters, but yes I did.”

I stand with a teenager named Kelly inside of an abandoned mall. Abandoned may not be the best word for it, since it is filled with dozens of zombies, …

The Kid Who almost got left in Texarkana.

The Kid Who almost got left in Texarkana while his family decided to go eat, kid almost went in wrong direction.

Tell It/Tweet It Assignment: Eyes Wide Shut

The end of the world came not with a bang, but with a white, blinding light. And with that came a new way of life. Expose your eyes to the naked light on Earth and not only will your eyes burn up but the rest of you will go with …

Tell It/Tweet It Story Time

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, hiking, kayaking, hunting… you name it, and I probably enjoy doing it.  Naturally when I heard they were reopening “Gander Mountain” as “Gander Outdoor” I was excited!  Friends mentioned that the store would be having its grand opening on a Wednesday, so I planned to be …

A Tragic End

I bit my lip, avoiding letting the words in my mind come out.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Malcolm asked inquisitively.

I sighed, looking down at the ground.

“There’s been something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I haven’t told you because I’m scared you will be mad.” I whispered looking at …

My Adult Trip to the Zoo

A new beginning in my life was beginning. Technically, I have been an adult for over eight months, but I don’t do adult things. Sure, I am a college student. However, I live in the same room I did a year ago, don’t pay bills, and didn’t travel without an …

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Writing Assignments #1: Into the Deep Forest

***backstory: When I was growing up, I did not live in a house that had a backyard. We had a deep dark forest that stretched out for miles until it hit the highway. My friends and I would spend hours when we were little voyaging through this forest, but as …