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Tell us about your future life!

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Submitted by: Alison Thoet

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Write out the history of your future life as if you were featured in a textbook. Make it about college life and what you want to pursue afterward!

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Submissions So Far

The Life of Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper is saving the bay one oyster at a time. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2022. Cooper majored in Geography and pursued a double minor in Environmental Sustainability and Urban studies. Lindsay had a passion for environmental conservation and had previous experience volunteering with nonprofits …

History of Me

Nicholas Sebenaler went to college in 2013. He went to a college named University of Mary Washington located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He went to UMW to study computer science and become a computer science major. He enjoyed spending his college time programming, reading, and hanging out with friends. When he …

Five Years From Now

Danny Keys tells us what his plans are in “Do These, Danny Keys,” but if you haven’t gotten the chance to ask him there, he’ll tell you here! This was prompted by this assignment, worth 3 stars.

Where will I be in five years?

Here, hopefully. I …

Futures Intertwined

I completed the three star assignment Tell Us About Your Future Life.

It directed us to write out the history of our future life as if it were in a textbook. Instead of writing about myself, I chose to write about my character. Here it is:

The closest instance …

Bakery Owner

Kelly Hendricks is a world famous bakery owner. She attended University of Mary Washington from 2012 to 2016 and went on to become a financial analyst. During her time at UMW, Kelly was a part of Sigma Beta Delta and Omicron Epsilon, the business and economics honor societies. She was …

Textbook Julianna

My final assignment bank post of the week (worth 3 stars to complete my 6 star total) is a writing assignment called tell us about your future life. This prompt tells you to write about yourself as if you were a small blurb in a history textbook. It tells …

The Future Life of Billy Steel

The last assignment I did this week was called “Tell Us About Your Future Life” for 3 stars. The instructions can be found here. For this assignment I actually told the story of the future life of my character, Billy Steel.

Here’s what you know about Billy already: …

The Future is Here

The story of my future is the story of your future. Yes a few things here and there may be different to an extent but we are all going towards the same “place”, aren’t we? In a few years I’ll be joining “the real world”, if I’m not already here. …

James Black’s Future

After James Black Left New York City, he decided to attended Boston College where he played basketball and majored in pre-law. Being the person that Black is and not taking shit from anyone, he always found himself getting into trouble. Black decided to change his major to criminal justice to …

Shirley Mayfield’s Future Life

For one of my week two assignments, I decided to do the Tell Us About Your Future Life assignment that was submitted by Alison Thoet. I decided to do this assignment for the assignment that had to deal with our character dossier. I remixed this assignment to make it about …

Remember that time I was in a textbook?

Christine Loehr graduated from Grassfield High School in Chesapeake, Virginia in June 2013. She was set to attend the University of Mary Washington in the upcoming fall. Christine attended Mary Washington for four years while playing field hockey for the school and studying biology. After her graduation in the spring …

My Future Life (in textbook form)

Shannon Grubbs attended Radford University her freshman year of college as a biology major. She then decided change her major to psychology and transfer to the University of Mary Washington due to their exceptional psychology program. While attending Mary Washington she participated in an internship that conducted research on the …

That One Time I was in a Textbook

Once Landon Epperly graduated from Cave Spring High School in Roanoke, Virginia, he was accepted to Roanoke College where he would major in Business Administration and also plan to play for the mens soccer team. The injury prone freshman in college did not end up playing soccer at Roanoke and …

The Greatest Ever – Post Write Up

My write up and analysis of my Writing Assignment post.

My Future Life – The Greatest Ever

Starting from my time here at Mary Washington i explain what i did in the my lifetime and how I had a very successful career.

My Legacy in a Textbook:

See the link for my future (as told in an expensive future textbook).

My Legacy in a Textbook:

“Before graduating in 2014, Savanna was a very hard working girl. She could manage study groups, daily classes, teaching, working out, and cooking all as if it were nothing. She was obsessed with time management, and she never took a minute to rest. We are thankful for this, because if …

Haiku It Up George!


Black darkness monster,

glimpses of danger coming;

George is arriving!


Brick Houses – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name you ask? Usually there is a meaning behind the name. If you google your own name you can find different meanings of your name. I learned at a very young age that anything you do is important and needs to be done well. One of my …

And She Lived “Happily Ever After”


She started out of high school and decided to marry and start her family. Two children later that were established with a good footing in elementary school reading and writing well, homework was a breeze for them both she decided to go back to school and get the …

Veronica’s Future

3 Stars

After Veronica left Clarkson, Missouri she followed her path that made her a USO girl. She was finally singing in a show all over the world. Her singing became so well know throughout the military that after the war she landed her way in New York. Veronica was …

Section 2: An unsolved case

Not much is known about what happened to Damon Fedderman after he left town one day. Every time one would ask his father, Nicholas Fedderman, he would turn away silently with a shake of his head. Their relationship was strained following the death of Damon’s mother, Theresa Fedderman. Most people …

My Future Life ((3 Stars))

My Future Life

The final assignment I did for Rawls this week was “Tell Us About Your Future Life” (3 stars). I changed this one up a little bit, rather than being in a history book, it is more like a newspaper article from a couple of years in the future. …

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