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The End is for Everything

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Submitted by: Martha

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When the apocalypse happens, it won't just happen to humans. Everything on Earth will feel the effects. Write a story from the perspective of a non-human thing or being. Tell us how the end of the world has changed their existence for the better or worse. 

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Submissions So Far

Human For Just a Day

The goal is to create a short story about post-apocalyptic life through the perspective of a non-human. I decided to pick the perspective before deciding how the apocalypse happened. This led me to Michael the robot in his self made apocalypse. Below is his story.

Today is the 251st day …

The robot after the apocalypse in the 80s.

This is the link to the original assignment. This assignment asked me to create a story after the human apocalypse. I am choosing to act as a robot that the humans created before they all were demolished. I decided to bring the 80s year into this assignment.

The apocalypse …

The Recovery of DOG_Unit#073517

This writing assignment is in homage to Black Mirror, Season 4, Episode 5: Metalhead. The GIF on the assignment page is what inspired me!

I created directories, files, and code such that it depicts the story from the killer machine’s point of view – told from the recovery file on …

I’ll be here

I’ll be here.

I’ll be right here.

Waiting for you.

It hasn’t been too long. At least I don’t think it has. It’s gotten dark and cold without you here to flip the switch. The day you left, you left in quite a hurry. You didn’t look at me as …

The Wolves Face The Apocalypse

Being a wolf has never been too hard. We are the predator, while most other animals are the prey. However, life changed for us in a bad way when the apocalypse hit. It was just before dark on January 20th, when a large meteor hit the Earth’s surface at a …

Woof Woof! No Walks Today

Last night my mom and I fell asleep watching a sad movie.  I think it was sad because she was crying, so I snuggled her and licked her face.  Her tears were really salty.  I really don’t know why she was so upset but I am worried about her.  I …

A Dirty New World

Finally, the humans are gone. The humans, along with all other “living” beings were obliterated in the apocalypse. Even for me, a mere speck of dirt, the apocalypse was absolutely terrifying. I was thrown around from field to forest to sidewalks to anywhere you can imagine. I am so relieved …

Who Am I?

My submission for the My Fortune Cookie assignment:

I had just finished eating my general tso’s chicken when I broke open the crunchy cookie sitting in front of me. “I wonder what my fortune will be this time!”, I exclaimed to my boyfriend, Brad, sitting across from me. “You are …

Gordon the Tasmanian Devil

(My submission for the assignment, The End is for Everything)

My name is Gordon and I’m a Tasmanian Devil. I’m not sure how I survived the end of the world, but I did- and IT. IS. AWESOME! I’m a solitary animal, meaning I prefer to live alone without other animals …

Humans End, Cats Begin

Domestic cats are told “no” probably more than any other pet humans had. One can imagine that cats were not too disappointed when humans begin quickly disappearing due to a virus that only affected their species. Cats could finally live. Many around the world were locked into houses from which …

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