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The Ultimate Merger

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Submitted by: Isaac Whalen

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A Burger is A Burger

Businesses merger together all the time (at least that's what Mad Men has taught me). For this assignment create a logo in which you combine to famous logos. Humor is encouraged.

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Honda-Walmart Merger

This assignment that I chose to do is called The Ultimate Merger where you must take two companies and merge their logos together. For this assignment, I just randomly chose two companies off the top of my head, and I chose Honda and Walmart. This actually turned out great and …

The Ultimate Logo-Merger

Hey there everyone, it’s me again, with another completed weekly assignment. This one gives me 4 stars, which puts me well over the 12 star target for this week. This logo merger assignment is something that reminds me of a daily create that we had near the start of the …

Design Assignment – The Ultimate Merger

This assignment, called the Ultimate Merger, has you combine the logo of two companies together, as if they merged. I tried to think of two logos with a similar theme, rather than think of two companies that are similar. Eventually, I saw the twitter logo, and wanted to use another …

“The Ultimate Merger”

The Work Itself

This assignment asked to merge two business logos together to create one. I chose the “Fedex” and “Exxon” logos. These two logos mesh well they share common letters. The difficulty level of this assignment is 3.5 stars.




The Process, Narrated

I googled a “Fedex” …

The Ultimate Merger

Nike x YouTube Collaboration, I present “Just YouTube It”. I chose these two because they both play a huge part in my life. I’m on YouTube everyday and I can’t seem to get enough of Nike’s shoes! Enjoy

Panda Express : WWF

At first glance, this image looks exactly like the typical Panda Express logo. But look again; notice anything different about the Panda? It doesn’t belong to Panda Express, but to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). One of my digital assignments this week, worth 4.5 stars, was to create …


The Ultimate Merger (4 and 1/2 Stars)

Description of Assignment:“Businesses merger together all the time (at least that’s what Mad Men has taught me). For this assignment create a logo in which you combine to famous logos. Humor is encouraged.”

The Story

In 2017 McDonald’s and Wendy’s were both losing …

When Two Worlds Collide


For this design assignment I had to create two companies merging as one. I’ve always imagined what it would be like if Nike and Apple merged. It would be legendary and they would be known as, Nipple. I could see this company taking over the world.

I edited this …

Creating a Logo

I also made time to create a logo from Aconitum.Napellus this week. I drew inspiration from a ds106 design assignment, The Ultimate Merger (which is rated at 4.5 stars). I chose to use Fisher Scientific’s logo set up, seen below:


I mimicked the fonts and colors to create my …

Caribucks Coffee




As I sat around this weekend trying to figure out how to do this logo merge assignment (4 1/2 stars), I stared at my cup of starbucks coffee and I remembered talking to my sister earlier in the weekend about how Central Park used to have a …

Intergalactic Gasoline

The Ultimate Merger assignment (4.5 pts) seemed pretty easy at first because all you had to do was combine two famous logos. However, I found that it was difficult to choose two logos from the millions out there. Many other people chose two companies that directly compete with each other, …

Welcome to Tarmart


The Ultimate Merger (4 1/2 Stars)

For this assignment I chose to combine the logos for the two popular stores, Walmart and Target. They actually both have very similar logos at the moment. I think it was added fun that they are rivals. I am always torn between where …

The Ultimate Merger

This assignment (4 and 1/2 points) was asked me to combine a famous logos to create a new logo. I chose Starbucks Coffee logo and just stared it for long time to figure out which another logo should I use for.

And I just searched tons of logos but could …

The Ultimate Merger

(Four and a half Stars)

Ronald McDonald doesn’t belong here!

4.5 stars of FUN

So I decided to get the assignment over 4 stars out of the way first this week (this one is worth 4.5 if you couldn’t tell from my title).  I chose The Ultimate Merger assignment because it looked fun and I wanted to experiment more with photo editing programs.  The …

Peet’s Star Coffee

Peet’s and Starbucks are some of the fiercest competitors in any market. What would happen is they merged?

Design Assignment: The Ultimate Merger(4 and a 1/2)- “Staroid”

Staroid: Give us a call when you need a cup of strength- boosting coffee.

This was a very fun assignment to do! I looked up famous logos online and first saw Starbucks as something I could potentially use. Figuring out what to combine it with was a little tricky since …

The Ultimate Merger, Microsoft + Sony = MicroSony!

Original Assignment (3.5 Stars)

For this assignment, I decided to do a pretty impossible, but awesome idea of merging Microsoft AND Sony. These two companies are the top dogs of entertainment and electronic media, most notably for their Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles, respectively for Microsoft and Sony. I used …

The Ultimate Merger: SubHut!

For my Ultimate Merger, I decided to combine two of America’s most prominent fast food franchises: Subway and Pizza Hut!  SubHut would function similar to Subway now…except they would deliver!  Customers could build their sandwiches online, and have them delivered to their front door in 30 minutes or less.  …

Celtics and Lakers Ultimate Merger! (3.5 Stars)

This Ultimate Merger assignment was really fun and interesting. We were suppose to take two businesses and merged them together to create one logo. The process to create this logo was not too challenging, I found a colorless logo and took that image and put it in the Color Splash

PJ & SB Goods

I did the assignment The Ultimate Merger, worth 3.5 stars. I wanted to make this Wire related since Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell are in a deal with each other now. So what I came up with is a “package” logo, featuring both of them. I found a package …


A combination of Walmart and Target. I choose Walmart and Target, because I wanted two well known corporations that people would recognize. I created it using GIMP  a free photo editing software. I overlapped the target symbol and put it on the end of the Walmart, creation a new name …

Weight Watchers, Eat Fresh.

The Ultimate Merger

Another Design Assignment for the week is The Ultimate Merger. All of the design assignments seemed pretty interesting, but this was the first to catch my eye and I loved the idea of having to combine to companies logos together into one. Well deciding on the two …


I am loving these design assignments! For this one I chose to do The Ultimate Merger, where you have to combine two logos from different companies into one, as if the two merged together to form the ultimate company. The hardest part about this assignment was probably just picking …

“The Ultimate Merger”


I did the assignment titled The Ultimate Merger under the design section of the assignment bank. In this assignment we were to create a logo that merges two like companies or two ironic companies. I decided to merge the logos of the two leading coffee companies, Starbucks and Dunkin …

“The Ultimate Merger”

In this assignment, I was told to create a logo that merges two different business logos. The guy said the funnier the better, so that is what I tried. In this photo, I tried merging the logo for Gold’s Gym and the logo for Mcdonalds. Golds gym promotes healthy active …

Just Google It


This is my Ultimate Merger assignment where I have combined Nike and Google’s catch phrase and logo to send DS106ers a message to “Just google your ds106 questions.”  I put these together in GIMP by cropping, rotating and resizing these logos.

This is the link to the assignment.…

Smartest PCs and best news


This here is what a logo of Dell and IBM could possibly look like if they had a merger. This is for the Ultimate Merger assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank. To do this I actually used one of the tools found on this awesome website named Font

The Ultimate Merger

The ultimate merger assignment was to create a logo that combines to famous logos. I thought that I should merge the two most predominant logos that we see everyday as DS106′ers, twitter and flickr. The assignment was pretty simple to complete, and was also very enjoyable. I used pixlr to …

Whalen-made Assignment #2

This is my handiwork: The Ultimate Merger. Yes the example photo is my work: But I decided to make another one: So the first one is obvious it a merger between McDonalds and Burger King. The second one is way more … Continue reading

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