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Three Moon Wolf Stories

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Your challenge here is to inject a story into the comment space of a product a web site such as Amazon or ebay much in the vein of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt on Amazon (see the back story). More examples include the BIC for Her pen reviews or the Diamond Braided HDMI Cable

Find an item that is ordinary and has not been given this treatment by anyone else. The point is to see if a comment can carry the essence of a story and if others will feed into it. Now when you do this, do not be a jerk, the comment needs to be subtle, ironic, but have a real feel to it, and really be added to the original site (not marked up as a copy web page). Include a link to the product, what you added, and describe how it acts as a story embedded into another web site.

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Week 8 pt. 2: Amazon Commentary

In an assignment relevant to another part of this week, I have been tasked with creating a small story in Amazon commentary.

Link to Assignment: https://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/three-moon-wolf-stories/

Stars: 4

Process: After scouring Amazon for a product, I found Elmo. The story is a product of my ever-active and increasingly strange imagination.…

Three Moon Wolf Stories (3.5 star)

I decided to do the Three Moon Wolf story for my last web assignment. I had to go to the comment sections of a product on Amazon or Ebay and write a story about the product. I found a t shirt on amazon that had a picture of a giant …

Web Assignment – Three Moon Wolf Stories

This assignment has you create a story using an Amazon review. To find a product to review, I used the Random Amazon Product website, searching until I found something interesting enough. I ended up with this adjustable tree pruner, and it looked like a weapon to me, so I …

Three Moon Wolf Stories

Syringe highlighter pen

Clorox Wipes the most amazing product!

For one of the web assignments I decided to do the Three Moon Wolf Stories assignment. This assignment really stood out to me because I saw how wacky people were with it and that really appealed to me. What the goal of the assignment was to use the X-ray goggles …

Three Moon Wolf Shirt

I did this four star assignment.  I thought the original shirt comments were amazing. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be that good. I just go a new pup. She loves her crate. So I went and made a comment on how great her crate is and how …

Multipurpose Cork Plugs****

For this assignment, we had to change a webpage to alter the descriptions of a product on Amazon.  I made a very multipurpose cork.  I used hackasaurus and just changed stuff.


Here’s the actual site as well.


Three Oil Moon

Um…I haven’t actually blogged before, but Master insisted I do this task for him, only two hours after activation.  This is Serial #3323, the maid robot Master bought and mentioned in the previous post, and I’m apparently supposed to report on this thing he wanted me to review.
It’s this…

The Power of Diamond: 4 Stars Web Assignment

I decided to be the first to try the “Three Moon Wolf Stories” assignment from the ds106 assignment database. I remember when the three moon wolf shirt became a little meme on the internet and decided to find other products in the same vein.  I had read an askreddit post…

Three Moon Wolf Stories (4 stars)

Our challenge for this web assignment was to inject a story into the comment space of a product, which in this case was the Clone Solution I found on Amazon. The whole point of this was to see if a comment can carry the essence of a story and if…

What every entomologist needs…

… an awkward ladybug costume.

An assignment to create another Three Wolf Moon shirt? Really? I’m getting GRADED for this? My life could only get better if I’d started my work on Monday like a sane, sensible human being.
I was excitation to give this assignment a try, although initially…

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