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Time Lapse

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Submitted by: Chelsea Irizarry

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Take multiple 1-2 second clips of a single location throughout the day (try and get as many as you can), combine the clips together so that you can see the difference in the location throughout the day.

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time lapse

I did the time lapse video assignment. This assignment says to create a time lapse from one single location so you can see how the location changes over time.

I wanted to create a time lapse outside while the sun was going down so that the video would hopefully …

Time Lapse

Here is a time lapse i took with my gopro of me driving my car around.…

Lake Views

This video is to fulfill video assignment #1654, entitled “Time Lapse.”  Multiple one to two second clips of the same location were captured, then combined in a single video clip to highlight the differences seen throughout the day.  This assignment is worth four stars.

The location of this assignment is …

Time Lapse Assignment

For this assignment I chose to do something a little different than the description. Instead of taking 1-2 second time lapses throughout the day I took one big one to show some period of time. This really gave a different effect as you can see movement in things you wouldn’t …

Ripley’s Aquarium !

For my first video assignment of the week I choose to do the Time Lapse Assignment. You were to record 1-2 second videos all day as many as you can and then create a video with all of the clips combined together. I choose this assignment because this week I …

Dorm Room Time Lapse


In this video, I took multiple time lapse videos from throughout the day (from when I wasn’t at class or practice!) and put them together! Notice how in the first clip, the street light turns off and in the last clip, the streetlight turns on. Also, something to note …

A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of evereything.

I imagine you’ve all heard of a Time Lapse? Well if you haven’t it’s pretty simple, really long video of anything you want and then sped up so things happen at super sonic speeds.

So my assignment for today is to create multiple Time Lapses and edit them together.…

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Six Star Assignments

I did two, one three star assignment and four star assignment for the eleventh week to complete quote for that week The two assignments I finished were a Time Lapse and another called Where Do Your Shoes Tale You. As it is written in the title I had to make …

How to create a time lapse video

Sorry no catchy title this time around, but I will tell you how to create a time lapse video.  It is fairly simple, but the skills you learn in this tutorial can be used for any of your videos.  First off there are two ways of doing a time lapse …