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Create 4-6 gifs from your favorite TV show

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V Mars

A long time ago we used to be friends….

Veronica Mars is definitely my all time favorite tv show. If you haven’t seen it I highly, highly recommend. For this assignment I went to giphy to create all of mine. I decided to do some of the main characters from …

ew david!

Create 4-6 gifs from your favorite TV show

For this assignment, I chose Schitt’s Creek.

I first looked through a few videos to find this YouTube video that I could pull clips from. Then, I went to the Giphy website, and spent time finding the right times and durations …

Who’s that GIF? (it’s Jess)

I chose to make a few GIFs from my favorite TV show. I chose the show New Girl. I chose these specific scenes because I thought they were funny. They also could be used as reactions to texts or online. To make these GIFs I used the app ‘GIPHY’. …

Love Island GIFS

For my second assignment bank, I chose to do one under the section AnimatedGIF Assignments. I thought to do the 2 star assignment that was TV Show GIFS. I created 5 GIFS from my favorite TV show Love Island. Love Island is a reality TV show in the UK, Australia …

Week Two: Unique Choosing from Assignment Bank!

This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose three assignments from three different categories on the DS106’s Assignment Bank website. The three assignments I chose was “Your Favorite Photo” (1 1/2 stars), “TV Show Gifs” (2 stars), and “Tongue Twister” (3 stars).



Gif or Jif?

One of the assignments from the section “Animated GIF Assignment” for this week was to create 4-5 gifs (btw, how do you pronounce this?) of your favorite TV show. Of course, I had to choose the most dramatic show on television; The Bachelor! My favorite part of each season is …

Gifs are the Way

The third and final assignment I chose was the TV show gifs from the animatedGIF assignments. This one was the most time consuming assignment out of the three, but it was pretty easy and an enjoyable experience. This assignment also relates to our theme as well since I was able …

Bachelor in Paradise Gets GIPHY

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I decided to tackle a few assignments today… and ended up just getting caught up in this one for an hour! I chose to do the TV Show GIFs assignment and picked Bachelor In Paradise as my “favorite show.” This isn’t actually my all-time favorite TV show, …

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