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Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge

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Submitted by: Sara K

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I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and stumbled across a postcard pack labeled “Unbridled Passion” by Franco Accornero. It’s a collection of 30 different postcards from an artist who has painted more than 5,000 romance novel covers (as well as westerns, thrillers and sci-fi books). The postcards are really ridiculous on their own, but I thought for this Valentine’s day I would make them even funnier but adding my own captions.

That’s where the 2012 Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge for #ds106 comes into play: I challenge you to  make your own captions for these postcards! You can use any photo editor or the Aviary one built right into flickr to add the caption.

Download one blank card from my flick set and add a caption that raises the love spirit to a new level. In addition to writing it up on your blog, when you post yours to flickr include the tag ds106valentine so we can assemble them all into giant virtual card set.

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Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge

2 and half stars

For this assignment I am creating the scenario where Melody Bay has sneaked into the radio studio of House of Noir one night to listen to old Sebastian Crane tapes. She would never admit it but she finds his voice mesmerizing and enthralling. In a …

Some people just like to show off

For the Valentine visual assignment I chose to caption the following picture

I looked at all of the other cards in the set and thought of captions for a few of them but in the end I chose to do this one. This one seemed to be a bit more …

I lacked the confidence to give this to you, but I hope you say yes

I tried doing this assignment SO MANY TIMES this week and couldn’t come up with anything.  Even this one isn’t too original (I don’t think), but it’s all I could think of.  This was a silly, fun assignment though, and the timing was perfect for obvious reasons.  It was probably …

Assignment Bank | Two Points

The Assignment:

“For this week, you need to complete 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments — this could be doing 5 assignments rated 2 stars, etc. One of them is required by everyone, so we can all do the same one and compare our ideas, but beyond that, you get

Sneak A Peak

The challenge was to add a caption to one of 30 different valentine’s day postcards. These were no ordinary valentine’s day cards. To do this activity, I uploaded the picture to pixlr and added text with the online editing tool. I realize my inserted text was a bit childish, but …

Grammar are everything

Most of the other postcards could be inappropriate, so I went with something more tame.

Before I made this, I was chatting with my friends, and we decided that even if someone is attractive, when they have bad grammar–they lose any appeal they had.

So I grabbed this cover and …

Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge (2 Stars)

For this assignment, I decided to use this photo from Sara’s flickr set. I saved this photo and uploaded it onto, a website Michael Branson-Smith talked about during this week’s ds106 show. On Pixlr, I used the text tool to add in the text, chose my font (an …

A Valentine Controversy from 1965

Jeb’s Telescope
from Hatchet Jack

Hatchet Jack posted a Valentine Book cover yesterday that sent my little mind whirling decades back to the sixties. The book, entitled “Jeb’s Telescope,” and written by “Remington Montana,” was very clearly a re-release of a very controversial novel that I encountered way back in …

Hey you over there…

I saw Alan post about this assignment this morning, so I followed the link and went for it. I’m married, so pickup lines aren’t my thing. The creepiness of the image I chose really stood out and makes me glad I don’t have to worry about peekers any more.

When No Words Exist to Describe the Love

A Stimulating Valentine…

I have a bit of an odd sense of humor which I realized would be perfect for this week’s Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge assignment. As soon as I saw this illustration, I knew what I wanted to do. I decided to make a joke out of the man’s crotch, which …

You should be Afraid

I couldn’t resist a PMS take on this card, because I’m pretty sure this picture sums up my husband’s expression right around that time of the month. Do you think this is why some cultures isolate women at this time? Not because we’re ‘unclean” but because we’re scary?

Valentine’s Day Caption

The first visual assignment we were told to do was create a caption for a cheesy Valentine’s Day card. I thought the cards were hilarious and was excited to do it! After trying (and failing) to create the caption on GIMP I decided to resort to Photoshop since I have …

Valentine Challenge 2013

Where I share my twisted sense of humour with DS106 for Valentine’s Day. As always a fun DS106 challenge and I hope I’ve *ahem* risen to the occasion.

Annie Fuck LL Bean.

It’s a disappointing sweater.

That Special ds106 Valentine Moment

Just put the phone away, will ya?

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

This one is for the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge a rather special one since it was former ds106 student Sara K who sent this out as a challenge last year. It’s …

Valentine Friends are Forever, … Aren’t They??

“Friends Forever, … or just for Life?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

I was so happy when I read that my good and dear friend Alan (@cogdog)was encouraging us all to share our Valentine love! This little challenge by SaraK (cali4beach) is just wonderful! I am so …

Jeb’s Telescope

Mandatory #ds106 Assignment for entire internet (that means you): Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge… from @cali4beach

— Alan Levine (@cogdog) February 13, 2013

Well, it should be clear why this has happened.

Happy Prince-less Awareness Day**…

I feel as though this 2 star challenge is my calling. I love Valentine’s Day, I spend every Valentine’s weekend with two of my three sisters and we always watch John Tucker Must Die and eat pints of ice cream and just catch up (since out of the six people …

Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge

A quick and silly assignment I thought I’d do is the Valentine’s Day Challenge. I downloaded the image from flickr and in Photoshop used the text tool to type in my caption.

Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge DS106





Be My Valentine

This is my valentine’s day visual assignment!

All I did here was take the photo from the bank, and uploaded it into Gimp.  Then I just used the text tool to add it into the bottom, resized the text, moved it around so it fit, and that was it.…

Jealous Valentine

Vday caption assignment, a photo by klasalata on Flickr.

The timing is just perfect for this Valentine’s Day caption challenge assignment. First of all, it’s only Tuesday and I already love visual week. Second of all, I love Valentine’s Day! I started this assignment from downloading my valentine card …

Significant Otter

This week, we’re really getting down and dirty with Visual Assignments.  We have to complete 10 stars worth of assignments before the end of the week from the ds106 Assignment Bank.  We get to choose which assignments to do, however the first one, Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge (worth …

Getting Cheesy up in here + a tutorial

It’s another new week of DS106! This week is about visuals and photography.

This week we start choosing our own assignments from the assignment bank. However, before delving into that, the whole class is starting off doing captions for Postcards a former ds106 student (Sara K) …

Love Makes You very Cheesy…

I’ve never been a fan of pickup lines…but some of them can be just plain hilarious. For this assignment I had to caption a picture from Franco Accornero’s postcard pack called “Unbridled Passion.” I got this horrible pickup line from one of my friend’s Facebook statuses last Summer when she …

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