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Submitted by: Mary Ewers

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Pick differnt clips from a movie(s) or a show(s) and add songs to enhance the scene. Try and make it at least a minutes long. There are also several other examples to be found on YouTube. 

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Final Cut is handy!

The process for making this assignment was pretty straightforward. I was asked to find various clips from movies or tv shows and add music to the background. I decided to take clips from some movies I had rewatched recently.

I first found the clips online and downloaded them. The next …

Video Crack

Here is my video crack on Spiderman 3’s dance scene.

Suicide Squad Music Change

Video Crack – 4.5 Stars

For this assignment I had to take clips from a movie and place music over it to change the scene feeling. I decided to use Suicide Squad again because I had already downloaded clips from my video essay. I watched the clips and thought about …

“Video Crack”

Process: I downloaded the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and took a movie clip form Youtube with the Deathstar / Planet Destroyer 2.0 (or 3.0? I’m not sure how many they’ve made) destroying one of the planets from the newest Star Wars movie. I put them …

Video Crack!

For this assignment I chose a scene from Fight Club of Tyler Durden offering the rules of fight club which then goes into a complete fight scene.  I was thinking at first that I would pick a song that perfectly described the build and anticipation that leads to that …

Video Assignment No.3 (4 stars)

For this assignment I wanted the song to fit perfectly with the scene. This required extensive research for both footage and a good piece of audio that would work well together. I first started with the picking the right scenes. I wanted something action based. I went through different scenes …

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