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We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch!

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Submitted by: Kelsey Dean

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Most everyone has seen the infamous picture of The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is showcased in their own personal box. Now it's your turn!! Whether your actual family or your close group of friends, make a collage mimicking the picture shown below. Be creative with the title. Make the title alliteration either with your last name or somesort of name you wish to call your group. In your post, explain why you chose the people you did in your collage.

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Submissions So Far

The Real Life Brady Bunch

We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch!

Visual Assignment: 3 stars

We’re the Real-Life Talbert Tribe!

I chose to use my immediate family in my collage mimicking the Brady Bunch. I felt like it would be perfect because everyone pictured, means the world to me! On the top row (left-right), my sister, dad, my parent’s dog, my niece and my dog. On the bottom row, my …

The Birdhouse Bunch (We’re the real life Brady bunch -3 stars)

These are my amazing roommates! We have only all lived together since this past June but we all love going on adventures together and just having a blast. For this assignment I actually used Powerpoint as my “editor of choice” because I already had the photos stored in it. …

The Eagle Crew!

This has to be my favorite assignment I created this week. I used the Photo Image Editor PixelStyle App on my Mac to create this. The assignment is to create a real life version of the Brady Bunch with close friends or family. So I went around my apartment to …

The 154

I made a collage with many faces of myself and my roommate for this Brady Bunch Assignment. I had a lot of fun doing it because we used some pretty funny pictures. In some of the pictures our faced are contorted by a Snapchat filter which just adds to …

The Martino Bunch

This visual assignment was a ton of fun! I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and when I saw this as an option, I just could not pass it up! This is not even my entire family! Not all of my siblings wanted to be apart.. so silly! And if …

Meet the Bel-Air Bunch

I know most of you know who the Brady Bunch is. Well today I want to introduce you to the Bel-Air Bunch!

This is a picture of my roommates, our landlord, and our pest fish. This is my second family.  We call our house ‘Bel-Air’ and we enjoy living here…

The Holnick House

The Holnick House is a rip off of the Brady Bunch!

This is my family. There’s my mom, Cathy. I asked her for a photo and she took a selfie in the mirror-how silly! My father Steve, featured in one of his favorite shirts. My cat Mia, laying down as …

The Tanner Clan

I have a very unique family. They’re so much fun to be around! Finding pictures that I felt like showed their personality was a super exciting challenge.

I couldn’t decide between the Tanner Tribe and the Tanner Clan so I decided to make one the name of the blog post …

The (un)Dead Doppelgängers!

I chose the assignment “We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch” and gave it an apocalyptic/supernatural twist.

The family here is everyone but me who lives in our suite (rooms 210 and 212). BUT, something strange has happened: there are doppelgängers of ourselves coming after us! Not only that, …

The Crazy Bunch

I decided to do this assignment, worth 4 stars, because I really love my friends and enjoy showcasing that in whatever way I can.

This collage displays a couple of my awesome friends during a scavenger hunt we did in the mall at the beginning of the summer. We met …

The Real Life Hardy Boys

For my second assignment bank assignment this week, I decided to complete the We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch! assignment. Because my last name is Hardy, it has always been a running joke in my family that the Hardy Boys books are based on my family. Even when my dad …

The Crazy Bunch

We are the real life Brady Bunch! – 4 Stars

For this visual assignment I had to showcase my family in the Brady Bunch format. I decided to call mine, “The Crazy Bunch” because we are a crazy family! Although they are crazy, I wouldn’t change it for the world. …

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Two):

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch:

When I saw this task in the assignment bank, I automatically knew I had to do it. Although I don’t have a huge immediate family like the Brady Bunch – I do have a huge “framily.”  “Framily” is the term the eight of us …

Assignment Bank

This is my first assignment bank project for the week. The goal of this assignment was to remake the iconic Brady Bunch cover and replace it with your own friends or family. It was rate 3 stars for difficulty. I used to make this collage.  Here is the link …

A Very Brady Visual Assignment: The CoZy Clan

My first Visual Assignment was super fun to make!  For this assignment, I was tasked with mimicking the well-known Brady Bunch family photo with my loved ones and coming up with a catchy alliteration for a name.

They didn’t know that the CoZ (AKA Cozy) Family has been in …

We Need Our Own TV Show

This are the tough as nails, queen bees I work with. We’re a Motley Crew but we get the work done!…

I Have One Crazy Family !

As soon as I saw the visual assignment on The Brady Bunch, I KNEW I had to share with you guys my CRAZY BUNCH! My family means the world to me. Like The Brady Bunch, I have a huge family. Each and everyone of them has a crazy/ funny personality. …

The Cousin Bunch

For my collage i decided to do all of my cousins. We have all grown up so close despite our age gaps. From the top left: Rebecca: 26 Shannon: 24 Gabrielle: 22 Alexander: 17 Jaelynn: Jaelynn would have been 11 years old Jaden: 7 Judah: 5 Isabella:16 months

The Mario Bunch

For my first DS106 assignment I decided to take the infamous Brady Bunch image that we all know and love and completely transform it using Photoshop. I made this image Mario kart themed representing all of the standard racers and … Continue reading →

How To Create A Life Of Your Choice

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The Pixel Bunch!

This actually looks a lot easier that it was. This was hard. I thought I was going to have fun doing it but it’s almost daylight and I have spent way to much time on something that looks so simple and still have a few little problems here and there. …

The Hiser Bunch

This assignment was to create a Brady Bunch image using family or friends. Picked people for this one was a breeze because my family is already sort of a Brady Bunch. I have one child from a previous marriage, in the bottom right, my wife has three, all on the …

The Crazy Bunch

So, this was fun to make. Meet mi familia. Friends that became family.

From the top left and around clockwise

~Me (dates Jordan)

~Kelly (dates Mike)

~Emma (dates Declan)

~Rae (dates Nick)






I picked these people because they are a huge part of my life.…

Gain Gang

The assignment was to compose a brady bunch like picture.

Here’s my version. 

The squares on the periphery are of all close friends with myself in the middle. From left to right descending from row to row their names are Mike, Sami, Elizabeth, Alieh, myself, Akeem, water, Mike (with …

Where’s the Opacity?

I attempted to complete the visual assignment “can you see what i see.”

I’ve never cropped two photos together. So I figured how hard can it be? It was fairly challenging.

I couldn’t really figure out how to change the opacity of the cyclist. That was the hardest part …

The Lazy Bunch


The Lazy Bunch

This assignment overall was fairly easy, the hardest part for me was trying to get my friends to actually do it! Hence the name, The Lazy Bunch. I took individual videos of each person and then used an app that makes pic stitches for videos and …

Visual Assignment – We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

For this assignment I chose to create a collage of my family because 1) I already have a bunch of photos of them, and 2) they’re pretty cool…

My Bunch:)

I chose to do the We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch assignment, not only because I created it, but because people mentioned in their posts about it that they found the assignment much more diffucult than they had originally anticipated. I had intended it to be not super easy, but …

The Tueros Familia

This is what I guess you could say is “my” family if you consider the people related by blood who live in the same house with me. Now many of you may be wondering why I put my in quotation marks well because to me, family doesn’t mean you have …

My Brady Bunch!

This is my Motley Crew! These are photos of my siblings and good friends. My last name is Motley and when I tell people this they usually say something about the band, Motley Crue. My siblings and friends act silly a lot but are very hard workers. We all have …

Welcome to ma crib

Here’s a tour of my humble abode in Fredericksburg. I decided to live off campus for junior and senior year and I think the coolest part about doing that is being able to decorate my house and room however I want. So, this is my room and as you can …

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

*I thought this assignment was fun but definitely took up a lot of time. I had to use face in a hole because I don’t have photoshop or anything, but it was really fun looking up silly pictures of my good friends and putting it all together. Then I thought …

We’re The Real Brady Bunch

In this picture, I cropped in pictures of several of my friends and myself as the “Real Brady Bunch.”  Those other guys are fakes.


This was a pretty tough assignment, I had difficulty trying to adjust the background to fit correctly with the pictures that I imported.…

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Make your own CRAZY BUNCH ! has ALL of the answers… maybe not all, but a good portion. To start making a collage for your own crazy bunch, head on over to collage page of

Start off by selecting which style collage you’d like. I choose the “square deal” since it resembled the format …

Need Help??

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

I had a great time creating this assignment. So I wanted to reach out to future DS106’rs and help you with it. Because I am not very good with photoshop I ended up using I searched a blank picture of the Brady …