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We’ve Found Your Match

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Take a picture of one of your closest friends and put it beside their celebrity look-a-like.

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Matthew Putin

This is my friend Matthew (left) and Vladimir Putin (right). I tell him all the time that he looks like Vladimir Putin, but I don’t think he totally believes me.…

It’s a Bad Day to Look Like Taylor Lautner

Here is the link to my post: I would hate to be her.

You’ve Been Matched (to a celebrity that is)

It’s a bad day to look exactly like Taylor Lautner, especially in girl version. I don’t know who it is worse for!

Visual Assignment Link (2 Stars)

We’ve Found Your Match

In this visual assignment it was our task to take a picture of someone close to us and put them next to their celebrity look alike. My brother just happens to look similar to Ty Diggs. He always hates this comparison so it will be quite the laugh when…

Wale or Nay?

If I had a dime for every time someone told me I look like Wale I’d be a millionaire. So I mashed up two portraits to compare. What do you guys think?…

Visual Assignment 2 Worth 2 stars..We’ve found your Match

Take a picture of one of your closest friends and put it beside their celebrity look-a-like.

My best friend Cherish looks exatly like R&B singer Kelly Rowland. This assignment was very interesting to me because its interesting to see how two people that are not related look exatly the same.…

Assignment 4 (part 3) – We’ve Found Your Match

This is my friend Jose, We are huge fans of CSI Miami. One of the reasons being is because he looks just like Adam Rodriguez, who play detective Eric Delko on the series.…

Doppelganger: Visual Assignment 66

My boyfriend, Jack, looks just like this super internet famous, ds106 celebrity, CharlieRocket. Truly uncanny.…

Celebrity Look-Alike

For many, many years, my best friend has been compared to Jude Law.  Here’s why:

Crazy right?  I lifted a few pictures from Bill’s facebook, ones in which he looks particularly… Judey? Jusdish?  Jude-Like? Anyway, the pictures don’t really do the resemblance justice.  In real life, it’s uncanny.  Again,…

We’ve Found Your Match

Using FaceDouble and Paint I’ve put together a picture of my boyfriend and his celebrity match. I’ll explain a little bit about the process and post the picture below. It was actually simple to do. Step 1: go to Step 2: upload a photo of the person you want…

I Swear You Two Look Alike…

For the final project, I wanted to complete something that has always been an interest of mine and that fascinates me: when people tend to have doppelgangers, or celeb look-alikes. When I saw the option of completing that as a project, I took the chances and pulled the trigger. My…

That’s me!…but wait…no its not!

This assignment is the “We’ve Found Your Match”
I initially started with my friend Tristrian. When I first met him a couple years ago, he had braids and we always used to say he looked like this one R&B singer named, Trey Songz. Ironically, when Trey Songz ended up cutting…

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We’ve Found Your Match

Haha,  my boy is gonna kill me when he says this. The above picture is Knicks forward Kurt Thomas. The picture below is my best friend.…

We Found Your Match

CelebrityLook A Like Blog Post
I’m doing a blog post on the celebrity look alikevisual look alike assignment. That was titled  “We Found Your Match” the objective of theassignment was to use a picture of a close friend and put it up next to a celebrity’sphoto to see the…

My First Visual Assignment!!! Go Me!

Celebrity Look-Alike

Visual Assignment Number 1: The Process…
So I saw this two-star assignment and knew right away I had to do it. I featured a very close friend of mine named Matt in my creation. He bears striking resemblance, in my opinion to the  well-known actor, Shia Labeouf. Anyways,…