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What’s in your bag?

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Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.

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Submissions So Far

What’s in My Bag

Here is a breakdown of the essentials of what I carry in my backpack every day.

Sorry for the poor picture quality

Invisalign case: I take my liners out when I eat and drink
Burt’s Bees Chapstick: Got to keep those lips moist
Bath and Body Works Hand sanitizer: For…

What’s in my Bag?

What’s in your bag?

Visual Assignment: 2 and 1/2 stars

Here is my school backpack and the essentials that I keep inside of it. First thing is my laptop. I use this to do all of my work, especially for this class. I also have my AirPods with me. Listening …

What’s in my purse!

For my second to last visual assignment this week, I decided to do What’s in your bag? However, I wanted to do this as if I was an early 20 year old in the 80’s. I first stated off this assignment by thinking na researching different make-up or beauty products …

A look into my backpack

This assignment, What’s in your bag?, asks you to take pictures of items in your bag that you use daily and explain their importance.

It caught me eye because there are a few things that I can’t leave the house without that are a little unique, so I thought …

What’s in my Bag?

For my third Visual Assignment, I chose the “What’s in Your Bag?” prompt. I keep my everyday backpack pretty clean and simple, or at least I try to!

The main essential things that I carry with me are:


Besides my cards and money, my set of keys…

Case Open

They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the contents of her purse.

But in all honesty, I think you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their “constant companion” throughout life. This visual assignment tasked us with showing off and describing the …

Bagged and tagged

Commencing inspection of Training Officer (TO) BOND’s backpack

Backpack belonging to TO BOND

Item 1 Metal water bottle
The bottle implies a connection with Penn State. This appears to be a red herring, or a subtle misdirection.

Items 2 and 3 eating implements
Item 2 is ostensibly an orange peeler,…

What’s in Deidra’s Bag of Goods?

Today Deidra is carrying her go to book bag which holds most of her essential goods.

View this post on Instagram

What’s in my bag of goods today? #ds106

A post shared by TyraB (@tyraaa_ds106) on Sep 21, 2018 at 11:59am PDT

Today’s essential goods include:

Laptop – To work …

What’s in My Bag?

My bag is pretty boring!

I have some pens and a notebook for class.

A computer of all internet-related activities.

Keys for my house and car.

A necklace passed down from my grandmother. I don’t like necklaces, they can get in the way, so I like to keep it in …

What’s in Ella’s bag??

I chose this bag because it is big enough to fit all of Ella’s witchcraft needs but also stylish and modern. I also envision Ella as a boho and hippie-esque.

Ella’s bag has to be big enough to fit her scrying stone that allows her to do her magic. She …

What’s in Nora’s purse?

Nora’s Bag

Nora travels pretty light. She has her keys to her Honda on her Washington Capitals (ROCK THE RED) lanyard with a few other keychains on it. She has her turquois wallet and her macaroon change purse that an adoring fan gave her. She gets a few blemishes every …

Solenya’s Mystical Bag

I chose to do what’s in your bag assignment. Solenya is definitely a character, and you’ll really find out what type of person he is from this collage of what’s in his bag. I used google docs to create my collage and then I used the snipping tool to take …

The Mary Poppins Bag

Kate was scratched by an animal and woke up with the power to talk to animals. She decides to use this power for good and save animals all around the world.

Harness, collar, and leash to help me protect/contain animals once I have rescued them.
Cat and dog toys to…

What’s in her purse?!

Now with the way my character is, she has many different items in her purse.

First off, her purse is very basic, but cute. She wanted one that was small, but she could still have it on her wrist. This is what it ooks like:

Of course she has all …

What’s in Manny’s Bag

Every good Nanny (or Manny) has a well-equipped bag with them at all times. If you haven’t met Manny yet, meet him here! Manny’s bag keeps him prepared

Manny’s Bag of Fun

for all of the regular things children throw at you. He has the “Bag of Fun” that saves …

What’s in her bag?

Aitana Rorcshen was an archaeologist before her fall changed her life. Her bag is inspired by the minimalistic knowledge I have of archeology.

Her bag is green, she chose the color in honor of nature, which is what she always must go through when trying to uncover bones and artifacts. …

What’s in my cryptozoology backpacking backpack?

So, what’s in my cryptozoology backpacking backpack? Well, in no particular order…

Here is my backpack:

It’s a Osprey Aether AG 70 Pack. It is my largest, most expensive backpack. I do have smaller packs as well, but this is the one I use for longer trips.

This is …

murderously clever

For my second assignment bank assignment I chose to show what was in the bag.

I chose this to be the assignment I connected to my midweek question. Since my favorite type of story is mystery, I decided that my purse will be full of items as a murderous detective. …

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

For this 2.5 start assignment, I had to take a picture of all of the stuff in my purse.


Book I am reading (This one is Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill-Stephen Kings son)
Phone cord with wall and car adapter
15 lip products
Many pens
Lots of…

What’s in Little Rascal’s Backpack?

I had to connect one of my visual assignments to the character I created. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, considering the fact that she’s not real and I can’t photograph her, but then I happened across the “What’s in your bag” assignment. I realized I …

What’s in my bag?

Paper handkerchiefs.
Nasal Spray.
Ear plugs.

Here’s what I keep in my purse at all time. Exciting stuff.…

What’s In Your Bag?

This assignment is exactly as the title sounds: what items do you keep in your bag? After gathering up all of the stuff that I usually carry with me, this is the photo I got:


Starting from the top, you can see the drawstring UMW bag I usually carry. …

What’s in the bag?!?

A view into my teacher bag. Visual Assignment 1556 required I take a picture of the essentials in my bag. Luckily my school bag was sitting right next to me filled with papers begging to be graded.

I connected to this visual assignment because what I’m carrying around in my …

“Do Ya Feel Lucky?… Well Do Ya?”

As I’ve made it clear in the past I am an avid fan of science fiction so being that I created a character that was totally science fiction and mysterious and could possibly be I decided to place him in a universe that had these weapons in them. These weapons …

Tools of the Gambler Trade

Merrell, the savvy gambler that he is, has a few necessities that he carries with him on the trail. For this assignment, I created an image of the overturned contents of Merrell’s saddle bag.

The first step was, obviously, to give some thought to the sort of items he …

Whats in your (Saddle)Bag?

For my Indian Maiden character, Jacali, this is what’s in her woven basket! Some reeds she shucked to create more baskets, some wild berries she picked in the forest, some bird feathers she collected to add to a headdress she’s making, and a small handmade weapon to protect herself.

For …

Visual Assignment – What’s in Your [saddle]bag?

What does Rose Oakley carry around in her saddle bag? Just the essentials. Water, a lantern, and her trusty utility knife. Traveling light is the best thing for an outlaw.…

Saddle Bags

This assignment asked us to show what’s in our character’s bag. My character, Danny Keys, has an interesting assortment of items. He keeps a messenger bag on him at all times, just in case he needs anything out of it. In this old thing typically lies a little notebook …

Marlene’s Prepared for Anything

So in Marlene’s bag are quite a few interesting items…

scissors – because you never know when you’ll need a pair of these
shot glass – bartenders must always be prepared, even when they aren’t on the job
keys – to the saloon of course!
pistol – in case someone…

What’s In My Saddle Bag?

What’s in my Saddle Bag for surviving in West as the Sheriff’s son? Here’s a list of things in my bag.

The first thing I need in my saddle bag is my Water Canteen that has an image of a pistol on it. Water is important for staying hydrated and …

Visual Assignment – What’s In Your Bag?

We were tasked with showing the contents of our western character’s bag this week. Since my character is a drifter, I assumed he would have few items, mostly practical tools and weapons.

The wild west is a dangerous place, and wanderers have to fear outlaws and the law itself. The …

What’s in Louie?

Everyone, this is my pride and joy, Louie.

He is full of a lot of things, but I took a picture of the most important items.

~Keys: Need to be able to drive my car

~Wallet: Have to have money to shop!

~Water: Stay hydrated

~Snack (in this case muffins) …

Old West Items

The directive was to pour out one’s character’s bag and write a description of each item carried around in it.

Here’s the items in my character’s bag:

There’s a lasso. My character carries it around just in case he needs some rope. He never knows when he needs it. …

What’s in Sally’s satchel?

Hey y’all it’s Sally! I saw that one of the assignments this week was to show what’s in your bag so I thought I would show my trinkets and handy things I carry around with me!

First things first, I’m a bartender so I obviously have a shot glass in …

Bob’s bag

My LAST assignment bank post for the week is what’s in your bag. This assignment has you take a picture of the contents inside your bag, except we have to do it about our character we created last week. Well this posed a problem for me since my character …

What’s in MY bag?

Hey Y’all Agnus here, I heard one of your assignments this week was to check out whats in your saddle and I thought how fun! Ill give it a go. So this is my saddle (I hate the word purse), and well it’s pretty boring but I got the most …

Mrs. Dean’s Saddle Bag

Mrs. Dean is a homesteader’s wife, so she gets out in the field and works. Being a wife she also goes inside and becomes the “cliché” house wife at the end of the day. She is skilled in many areas and is always prepared for either role she is asked …

What’s in the cowgirl’s bag?

One of this week’s required tasks was to complete this visual assignment. But, since the theme of our course is western I will be describing to you what is in my western character’s bag. If you don’t recall from last week my western character was the one and only …

Riza’s Purse

Remember Riza from last week? Well she’s back! And this time she wants to share with you what is in her purse. These are her essentials to get her through the day.

For those of you who don’t recall meeting Riza, you can click here to find out what she …

What’s in Your Saddle/Bag

Items that I use daily from my saddle:

Notebooks- for my classes.
Pens- to diligently take notes in my notebooks.
Cell Phone- debatably my most important item I carry daily, needed for nearly everything, ha!
Computer- Used for all of my internet surfing and classes, mostly for my DS106 class, …

Remix Part 1

My first assignment that I chose to remix was “what’s in your bag?” I completed this assignment a few weeks ago and showed everyone my everyday essentials that I always keep in my purse.

This is my original assignment that I posted a few weeks ago.. As you can see …

My Daily Essentials

This photo of my purse shows all the most important items I carry around with me each day. The biggest item is my wallet which carries almost all the most important stuff like my license, my school ID, my debit card and any cash I’m carrying around. The next biggest …

What’s in my Dance Bag!

This assignment is totally up my alley! I’m super snoopy, I love to see what other people have in this bags! Technically this is just a what’s in my bag, but honestly mine would have just been too boring. Instead, I’ll show you what’s in my dance bag!

The contents …

Everyday Essentials

When I saw this assignment I kind of got a little excited.. Ok, I got really excited!  Everyone is always asking me why I carry such a big purse all of the time.  I mean the bags that I carry around are huge and come in handy when I go …

What’s In My Bag?

For this visual assignment I had to take a picture of the contents of my bag and then describe each item. Here is the picture of my amazing bag and the things I stuff in there:

So I keep my wallet in my bag because it has my ID and …

Visual Assignment Whats in My Bag?

This assignment is quite interesting, its cool to see all the different things everyone carries around with them throughout the day. As for me, I carry a pad of paper in case notes or anything needs to be recorded. The pencils and pens come along with that as well as …

What’s in your bag?-Visual Assignment

What’s in Your Bag?

The contents of my bag/purse are simple.  It is because I don’t care to carry around too much throughout the day.

They include:  (1) My wallet – that is just a given.  You need your wallet for almost everything. (2) My car keys – I mean, …

What all do you carry in there?!

Inspired by Kate’s blog post of this Assignment (3 stars), I decided to do it myself!

What it basically called for was showing the contents of my bag. I carry my bag everywhere with me. It’s really a sort of life line for me. I don’t think I could function …

What’s in Your Bag?!

For this Visual Assignment, worth 3 stars, we were asked to take a look at what is in our bag!  The prompt states: “Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the …

Whats in Conway and James’ Bag


This assignment was to take a picture of an everyday use bag and its items. I chose to make a bag that would be in our characters vehicle. I imagine this walmart back of items to be placed in the center console of their truck for back up reasons. …

What’s in my bag

Zombie Apocalypse, or some late night B and B this bag has it all.

Visual Assignment – What’s In Your Bag

What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.” (3 points)

Using my character Ava, these are the essentials in her bag:

1. Her purse – it’s a small black …

What’s in Your Bag?

The first visual assignment I completed this week is called What’s in Your Bag? So here you go!

The only bag I carry is my school backpack. This ^^ is everything that goes inside. First, I always have one or more binders in my backpack- each binder is for …

What’s in my bag? Too much


In the bag – No surprises

I am not creating a character as the Noir106 sections are – so to do this assignment it is my bag.

This first picture shows the contents that are standard in my bag no matter which season it might be.

My first attempt was to place each item as a …

Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

My must haves

My Bag!!

My daily essentials (it’s not much)

Let’s Get Purse-onal

This assignment (worth three stars) required me to create an image showing the contents of a bag belonging to my character, Folami Turay. To create this image I used Photoshop because I didn’t have access to all of Ami’s accessories.


As you can see, Ami likes to keep …

What’s in the Bag?

As a roamer, Mack spends a lot of time wandering around the streets which means he carries a messenger bag with what he precieves are essenctial to his every day life.  Among those, the five that will always be there no matter the situation are:

Pocket Watch

Mack’s most prized …

What Does Jack “Settig” Neff Keep in his Bag?

This is the What’s in Your Bag assignment, worth three points.

The first thing Jack Neff makes sure he has in his bag is his change of clothes. After his day job as a grocer, Jack sets out into the night and transforms into the hero of his novels, Jack…

What’s in Ol Mick’s Backpack- 3 points

This is Ol Mick’s bag. As you know he is very much an alcoholic, so the tequila in his bag is a must. The blender and blending cup is just in case he gets sick of plain tequila and wants to make a mixed drink.

He has  his  black folder …

What’s in your Bag?

My noir character would not realistically carry a bag around so instead I am going to describe what one could expect to find in his desk on a normal day.

Top of the desk can usually be expected to be covered in scattered newspapers. A typewriter sits next to a …

In Layla Arkwood’s Purse

Layla doesn’t have much in her purse. She’s not the kind of person to have one of those giant sack bags filled with everything in existence. She has candy because she has a very sensitive sweet tooth, choosing to eat anything from cake to chocolate. She has a compact and …

What’s In Your Bag?

This assignment link may be found here:

As previously discussed in my blog, my character dossier is Sterling James and seen below is what you would find in his daily backpack.

Canon Camera

Sterling is a producer of digital media within various fields and among his strong suits is …

Margaret’s handbag goodies!

In Margaret’s handbag you can find her everyday essentials, you will find:

Eye drops
Compacted mirror
Black gloves
Red lipstick
Pepper spray

Margaret has these items in her purse for many reasons. She always carries her sunglasses in her purse because then she covers her eyes when she …

What’s in his bag?

Here is the what’s in your bag? assignment for three points. This assignment we were supposed to image what are characters would carry in their bags on a daily basis. In this, he carries eight items. The list includes a cellphone, an iPod with headphones, a Swiss army knife, a …

What’s in the bag?!

My character keeps a pocket just in case she encounters any danger. After all she is very attractive and occasionally encounters inappropriate people.       She always carries a wallet. Cash, card, and ID. The is a necessity for her to go anywhere and be able to get anything …

What’s In Lena’s bag?

This assignment was a required assignment on the character we made up and it was worth 3 points. Here is the link to the assignment:

In Lena’s bag there are only a few things. She’s a simple person and only carries the essentials with her!

1. Blistix – This …

Marcus Jackson’s Retribution: Getting ready for his journey

This is the Whats-In-your-bag assignment 3 – points

This is scene is happens immediately Marcus’ altercation with the mobsters in the hotel. Marcus decides to go home. Before he does that, he needs some supplies……

Marcus just left hotel. Still shaken up from nearly getting shot, he decided think …

Caleb’s bag

This assignment is called what’s in your bag and it is worth 3 stars. Caleb is a sheriff that prides himself in being able to not need that much to survive each day. I carries very little with him everyday in his bag.

To start he carries a coffee cup …

Shelley’s Bag

This blog post is a response to the Visual Assignment titled “What’s In Your Bag?” and contains images of my fictional character, Shelley Layton’s bag, and the contents of her bag. The contents of her bag includes:
lipstick: Shelley likes to maintain a nice appearance and her …

Really What Else Would You Expect?

For my take on the what’s in your bag assignment I’m doing in from the perspective of my character Cleo Barrow, a bank robber. I could’ve gone into detail and included her favorite lipstick which makes her look super sassy, but she doesn’t care enough to touch up her make …

“Balls are to men what purses are to women.”

One of this weeks visual assignments I completed, is called “What’s in your bag?” The instructions were: “Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of …

Missing man’s backpack

I decided to do the “empty your bag” assignment from the perspective of my noir character, Jim Sardic.  I observed my backpack’s contents as an investigator would who is looking for the person who owns it and is going through his stuff.  It seemed like a fitting prompt for noir …

Whats in Jeffrey Davidson Bag?

What’s In Your Bag?- 3 stars
For this assignment you have to write about what would be in your character dossier’s bag.

Jeffrey’s backpack

Jeff keeps this GRE practice book in his backpack at all times so when he has some free time between his two jobs he can …

What’s in Andre’s Bag

Here is the link to my blog where this can be found:

What’s in the Bag Jack?


For my last character assignment of the week, I am doing the “What’s in your bag?” assignment worth three points. Jack Spencer is all business, but he does have a soft side. This can be seen from the photo of his late mother poking out of his Italian leather …

What’s in Shirley Mayfield’s Bag?

This week, we were required to complete the “What’s in your bag” assignment that was submitted by Jim Groom. We are supposed to do this assignment for our character dossier.

The assignment: “What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the …

Edie’s Bag

This Visual Assignment is the What’s In Your Bag? (3 stars) Assignment required for our characters.

Below is Edie’s Waz’s Bag

The items that fell out are:

duct tape
a bag of tissues
$20 bill
black ink pen
a bracelet, an earring
various credit cards and IDs
hand sanitizer…

What’s in Andrea’s Bag.

 Andrea has a few items in her bag. She has only kept the items that mean the most to her, as she has had to sell the rest. Andrea is very sentimental and  has a note from her former husband, along with his favorite pen, before he died. The note …

“Jewel’s” Treasures

Julia James is a very mysterious woman, so she does not carry a bag on her person. She likes to leave some things up to the imagination. However, there are essentials that she absolutely needs in her everyday life to keep up appearances and do her “job”. In order to …

What’s in Sasha’s Bag?

Sasha Kellogg is a classy woman who always keeps her handbag with her. The visual assignment “what’s in your bag” (3 pts) tells more about Sasha, because her bag holds the things that she feels she could not go without. Additionally, looking up items from the 1950s was …

The Purse

It has been mans greatest mystery, what does a women keep in her purse? Well I found make-up, grooming tools, and gift cards of all sorts. There were napkins that were not white. The best thing in there was a holder for the purse to use at bars.

My “Bag” You Say?

Donnie Rawlen keeps no bag. If it doesn’t fit in his jacket or pants pockets, he doesn’t keep it with him.  Luckily, he has a large inner jacket pocket to store his most valuable possessions.

Photo of his Father’s grocery store

Donnie’s father’s business, the family grocery.

Posted in a …

What’s In My Bag?

This assignment was to take a picture of the bag that you use everyday and explain the items that are in it. Since I do not carry a satchel, I chose my book bag because it is very essential to my everyday life. The main things that never leave this …

Sir, can I please see inside your bag?

The what’s in my bag challenge wasn’t all that hard – but having to incorporate my noir character into it made it much more difficult. First, I had to find materials that would actually represent my character, which was harder than I thought it would be. I scoured my room …

Field Trip to the Dark and Mysterious….

“It’s 3 am. It’s dark. It’s lonely. Heat pulsates from the rattling vents in the wall as I sit in the middle of the floor. Alone. Not like that’s any different from normal. I’m repacking my bag. Again. It’s time to fly south.”

-Victoire Absinthe’s Diary, January 31, 2015

Victoire …

“What’s In Your Bag” 3 stars

This assignment was to take a picture of what was in my bag and detail it.
Well, this is my book-bag that I care almost everywhere. In it is my folders for classes, three ring binder, and papers for class.I also have an agenda, kindle and cords for phone/kindle. My …

Tom’s Files: Tom’s Things

Admin note: This assignment is a ‘Visual Assignment’ for ds106 and is worth 3 out of the required 10 points for the week of 1/26 to 2-1.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how one day I will be dead, but this doctor-ordered journal will live on after me. Suppose some …



What’s in your bag? – 3 points

Considering Black does not carry a purse or murse everyday in his adult life, I decided to take a picture of what he carry’s with him daily.What you see in the picture is a device that is later called a cell phone, …

Every Woman Should Have a Purse of Her Own

Sarah Mustard’s purse contains many items that make her an excellent sleuth. Her car keys and her wallet are first on the list, requirements for her being able to get around both on and off the clock. The next key item would be her sunglasses which could at least partly …

Delilah’s messengerbag


Essentials for Delilah’s life are identified as followed. Her clutch, EOS, gum, collection of lotions, Moroccan Oil for her hair, a bottle of Advil, and her inhaler. Each item has a story. Her clutch was bought for her by her boyfriend on their first vacation, cause she was going …

What’s in the bag?!

WHAt’s In the bag…?

Sylvia’s bag is pretty simple and doesn’t contain anything too complex. She has perfume to splash on for important interviews, a notebook for her note taking when interviewing subjects for her news articles, and of course, her favorite pen. She carries around her blush and blush …

What’s in Scott Brinkmann’s Bag?

These are the objects you would find in my character’s bag on a regular basis.

This is Scott’s guest book for his hotel, he always likes to know who is in his hotel and what rooms are occupied, so the guest book helps him keep track of this.

Scott carries …

I spy?

What’s In Your Bag? (3 Stars)

Your purse, bag, backpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.

Story Behind the …

What’s in the bag-Visual Assignment-Isabelle McIntosh

This visual assignment is to tell what is in Isabelle McIntosh’s purse. It is a 3 star assignment

Isabelle’s purse is basic black purse that contains several things that she uses on a daily basis.   She always has a comb and her lipstick, she is not a vain girl, she …

Out of Cat’s Bag

SImple things that explain a whole lot about the mystery of Caterina Loveless … and boy, is there SO much more to this story :)

Out of Cat’s Bag

One of the three visual assignments for this week (this one being three stars) was to think of the essential items that our noir character would carry in their bag, and more importantly carry with them throughout the day-to-day activities of their lives. So how ’bout we let the Cat …

Married to the Mob.

If you were to approach Vinny D and ask him, “What’s in Your Bag?“, it might be the last questions you ever ask.  Or you may get an honest answer.  Either way, it should come as no surprise that Vinny keeps things simple.  He doesn’t carry a bag; …

What’s In Your Bag George?


What’s In Your Bag George!

Ah, George being a male always keeps things simple. He of course doesn’t carry a bag but keeps everything he needs in his trench coat pockets – inside and out that is.

Cash always a lot of cash because you never know when you’ll …

What’s in your bag?

(3 stars)
This assignment asks to explain the contents of a person’s bag. I am explaining the bag of my character Melody. You can find more information about her here

Melody Bay’s bag is a mess much like her life. She is always ready to pick up and …

What’s in Shadow’s Bag?

What’s in your bag? -3pts

I emptied out Shadow’s bag and these are its contents.

A Napsack (in his favorite color)- Shadow is a thief and so half the stuff in his bag isn’t his. He carries this sack to place all his stolen goodies in.
Shades- He always carries…

What’s in Isabelle Franklin’s Bag?

Well, honestly, not much. She tries to keep as organized as possible and in order to stay organized she tries to only carry with her what she absolutely finds necessary. The pen, pencil, and white out is especially important to her. She alway’s is taking notes and jotting down ideas …

It’s rude to snoop through a lady’s purse

How uncultured.

Let’s begin with my beauty items-

Powder Compact

I sing under hot lights all night, I can’t look oily! I’m the backbone of the whole place, imagine if Frank Sinatra came in one night and saw me looking anything less than perfect? I would be ruined.


Darlin’ …

What’s In Your Bag?

Your purse, bag, packpack, murse, whatever, is your constant companion throughout your adult life. What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.

3 Points!

Above is a picture of some …

What’s in your bag?

This visual assignment was must do assignment. So I looked around my room and found this pouch in my school backpack. I always carry this around with me. Let’s look at closely what I have in this flower pattern pouch.

First, I have a pen and a notebook. Just in …

From Checkbooks to Lipstick

A little glimpse into Blair’s life. Be Prepared, or Scared, or both……

For 3 mandatory stars, we had to create some type of bag for our character (What’s in Your Bag?), and spread its contents out. Now as you all obviously know (since you’ve read up on my …

Call Me Dora ‘Cause I Got a Backpack

What’s in Jota’s bag?


For this visual assignment, you have to take a picture of what your character would carry in his or her backpack on a daily basis and then share a little info for each item! Jota (My character) seems to be tech savvy and a bit …

A Women Never Reveals The Secrets In Her Purse

Visual Assignment:

What’s in your bag?

This assignment was a must do assignment. However, I found it really fun to do. I ran around my apartment trying to look for things to put in Emma’s purse, and I even got my roommates to help. A good 20 minutes later and …

What’s In Longs Bag? (3 Stars)

Detective Longs is quite the creative and unique individual and he shows it even more when you take a deeper look into his life, or should I say his bag..

SU bag: As a detective, Longs either looks nice and crisp in his name brand attire, or …

Visual Assignment: “What’s in the bag?” Sebastian Crane’s treasures.

1. The flask- Sebastian always carries his brandy-filled flask in his coat pocket each day. He drank leisurely before at social gatherings in college and after work, yet he became more accustomed to drinking when he found out the love of his life, Margaret, cheated on him. Since then, he …

Help Someone Else Do this Assignment

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Tutorials So Far

My life in my purse

  My purse has a big portion of my life inside.The essentials in Ashley’s purse are her wallet which consists of money, debit card, and ID. My cell phone , and my flash drive are very crucial to me , … Continue reading →