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What’s your Skills?

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Submitted by: Jessica Ledford

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Everyone has a talent, why not show it off? Why not show the world what you can do. Take a video of something that you can do. It can be either what you enjoy, have a passion for, or even a crazy talent that you think no one else can do. Have fun with it! You are showing not only us but the world what you can do. I did it. What can you do?

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Submissions So Far

Show Jumping

This week one of the assignments I chose to do was What’s Your Skills? It was worth 4.5 stars. The goal of this assignment was to show the world something you have a passion for.

I chose to show a video of my horse’s first show jumping round she ever …

Talent Takes Practice

This video assignment, worth 4.5 stars, wanted us to show off a talent or something we are passionate about. I have spent the weekend horse showing and decided to post a video of one of my rides. In my eyes, riding is more of a passion than a talent. …

Soccer is life!

What’s your skill? (4.5 stars)

I have played soccer since before I can remember, it is my passion, my life. I created this montage of clips and pictures from my trip to Memphis for Club Nationals this passed November. I have also included some fun pictures from Nationals in Arizona …

100% Reason to Remember the Name

What’s Your Skills? – 4.5 Stars

            Ever since I was 5 years old, softball has always been a passion to me. I started out playing tee ball and worked my way up to playing softball in a county league, and then making my way to travel softball at age 8. …

“Your Voice I Still Hear It”

For my first video assignment I decided to do the What’s your Skills assignment (4.5 stars). For this assignment you had to record or make a video of yourself showing off you talent. After thinking about doing an assignment where you had to mesh to videos together and figuring that …

Bringing Up My Past – 4.5 Stars

Along time ago, in a year far far away, I use to take karate. I had been doing it for roughly about 8 or 9 years, and stopped after my freshman year. It has been a while since I did any of my open hand forms, …

Straight Ballin

Head Band

Week 4 Summary Found!

Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was a draft that was never published. I dunno what happened, …

Melody Spoon Playing

The spoons are a carefully acquired skill and essential accompaniment to skiffle bands, music hall songs, and all the music of Chas n Dave. This is all very much part of the London and Cockney heritage. Spoons take hours and much beer to master.

What’s Your Skills?

For this assignment I decided to not show you my mad skills at reading literature or coding websites, lucky you.  Instead, I made a video to show you my cocktailing skills. I used Serge Gainsbourg’s Black Trombone for the background music and kdenlive to cut and mix all the clips …

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Digital Assignment Tutorial

Step 1: Take Video using camcorder, phone, or some other device capable of recording.

Step 2: Upload video to computer.

Step 3: Open up iMovie or Windows Movie Maker and upload video

Step 4: Edit video as necessary.