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Where is the error?

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Submitted by: Ren Isozaki

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take 2 pictures from same angle, but make it little bit different. And compare those 2 pictures and let's find the error! I took pictures of calligraphy ink as an example, and the place of No,30 and 31 is different.

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Spot The Difference

The prompt

Spot the difference! My desk is a mess, so when I saw one of the prompts was to make a spot-the-difference, I was all in. I tried to keep my camera steady and not change the angle between photos, but I wasn’t super successful. Things like my planner …

There’s a Difference?

What is the main difference between these photos?

This is my interpretation of this assignment.

It took me along while to come up with a nice idea for what I could do that would be subtle, yet easy enough to spot. When creating this piece I was constrained to items …

Can you spot the difference?

Can you find the difference?

For this assignment I was supposed to take two different yet similar pictures and see if someone can spot the difference.  I chose a place that had a lot of small different  items so it will be harder to find the difference. I used my …

Where Is The Error?

(three and a half stars)

For this assignment we had to copy a photo and change something about one of them and let people guess what the difference is. To make this photo I used the program paint. This is a picture of Lena Meyers radio studio, I chose …

Where is the Error


This assignment was to take two picture of something at the same angle but have one thing that is slightly different. Coming up with ideas for this was challenging but I finally came up with an idea. Pay no mind to the different angles of the picture, I tried …

Spot the Difference and Win Snacks!

I completed the Where’s The Error assignment on behalf of Wagstaff Snacks. As a promotional effort he is offering FREE snacks for the first person to spot the difference in the 2 photos. Using photoshop I was able to change a small part of the picture but that is all …

What’s The Difference?

For this assignment we had to take a picture of something then take another one where we change something around in the picture itself. I decided my cork board on my desk would be the perfect place for this! I Have a lot of pictures and memories on this board …

One of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong…

One of these things just doesn’t belong here… I’m very curious to know if you can find it! This one was simple for me to make because I immediately thought about LEGO.

This did not take long to make, it just took a couple of minifig parts, the correct lighting, …

[Wear] is the Error = )

I LOVE mysteries, so I had to do the “where is the error” photo. I wanted to make it easy, just fun at the same time. I know everyone loves shoes, so I found 2 pair of my bright colored shoes and some sandals and did the photo. This probably…

Extra works2 new assignment

I made a new assignment as my extra credit works.
Introduction is here.
first, I have to apologize about the size of picture.
I think you can not see the instruction. Please drag it when you want to see the introduction.If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know.…

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