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Pick one word. Select one single typeface, and communicate your word. Do not use colors or any other graphical elements. The goal is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word, and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform (spacing) etc to visualize the word.

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Without a doubt haphazardly is the best word in the English language. It’s fun to say, the meaning is fun, and it’s got a prefix

Jams is a 80s slang term meaning a collection of music. I arranged the word Jams into the shape of a musical note.

I decided

The goal for this assignment was for this word to speak for itself. I decided to change the word effects to depict this word

This assignment seemed interesting to me with the challenge of showing off a word using a font. I chose shadow since i could show

The Word assignment‘s image caught my eye as a visual depiction of “magic”.  The individual letters told a story in addition to the overarching

I’m planning on doing two 4+ assignments this week, so I’m starting with an easy 2 star that would cap it to 10 stars for

For this Design Assignment, worth 2 stars, we were asked to use a single word and a single typeface to communicate the word and

This Design Assignment can be found here:


For this assignment, we needed to describe a word by using only a specific font that we

Here is the Word assignment that is two points. I thought that it would be fun to illustrate a part of my character’s

two stars:

This simple design assignment called for us to, without the aid of any other visual cues, not even color, choose a word and

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This is a DS106 assignment for the last section! For this section I decided to pick an assignment from the design section The Directions read… Pick