Write an Alternative Ending

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Write an alternative ending to a novel, movie, short story, poem, etc. What else can I say but make it damn good! Want some examples? Here are 13 alternative endings for various popualr films: http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/alternate-movie-endings-better-than-the-real-ones

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Wadsworth flicked the lights off, filling the house with complete and utter blackness, causing screams of surprise and shock to scatter throughout the drained dinner

If you’ve ever seen the movie Step Brothers, you know that at the end of the movie Dale and Brennan come together (after parting ways

The man that steps into the bar on a Friday night seems an ordinary one as any, as he takes his place at the barstool,

I decided to complete the alternative ending assignment for my novel, California, because I finished the book with a need for more. I am going to

Chesapeake, Virginia

[Charlee Faraday walks with me through the city she is currently living in and trying to raise back up (from the dead, so to

Its cold. I am wet sitting in a swamp. I am the last woman in existence. Where most woman would give up and accept their

Alice crept closer to the man as the grey light rose upon the watery air.

“Kiss me!” she whispered suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck.

*As the two main characters in Finis are in their shelter hiding from the intensity of the new sun (star) that just reached the Earth*


In the nursery the jungle burned. Blue lions roared, purple giraffes bounded off. The panthers ran in circles, changing color, and ten million animals,

The alternative ending to Tupac Shakur and The End of the World:

“Jack just please shot me” I beg as my body slowly starts to hardened.

“No, I

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Alternate ending: There will come soft rains by Roy Bradbury

*my alternate ending is bolded*


There will come soft rains by  Ray Bradbury (born 1920) In the living room