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You in Collage Form

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Submitted by: Rachel Stanford

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This comes with simple instructions. Make a collage with images and words that describe you or mean something to you. This can either be done with actual materials like paper and magazine clips or by taking images, memes, and fonts from the Internet. Be careful to focus on the design of the collage, not just putting things together in a big glob. Have fun and be creative!

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Submissions So Far

You In Collage Form but Remixed

I’m pretty sure I did this assignment originally but according to my Control Panel I have 54 posts and I don’t think I have the energy to go through them all to check. So the original assignment prompted the blogger to create a collage that represents them self using words …

You in Collage Form

This was fun. and I may have got a little carried away with it. Being a feminist is a huge part of my social identity so I wanted to focus on highlighting that. I started by find a bunch of individual images (I didn’t use them all but I wanted …

Picture in Myth Visual Assignment

You in Collage Form. Make it about the character that was created last week.

This is a preview of my character that I created in last weeks assignments.

Week 4 Visual Assignment

2 Stars Places of Piece       

Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you …

Irri Collage

Here’s a collage that describes my character, Irri. He likes ice, hates spiders, lives in a magical gnome world, and is nice. I think I summarized everything well in this picture and description.

Vampurr Collage

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My character, Callen Zelrich as told through a collage #ds106 #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments1890 #vampire #mythology #surgeon #character

A post shared by Jessica (@jessicads106) on Sep 20, 2018 at 6:39pm PDT

This week, I’m representing the character I created in my previous post, Callen Zelrich, in collage …

La Señora Luz in Picture Collage

Last week, I introduced La Señora Luz in this post. I highly recommend checking out her biography in last week’s post to understand my collage better.

I chose this assignment over the “What’s in your Bag?” assignment because this one seemed like a good way to create a visual …

Collage Courtney

For my final remix assignment of week 12, I decided to make me in collage form. The twist is, I had to make it emo-esque, using monotone colors. This assignment was pretty easy for me, despite converting everything to be monotone, because, during Orientation training, we all make collages …

Safety Stan in Collage Form

For this assignment, I decided to do a collage of Safety Stan instead of myself. Mainly because we had to incorporate our created character into one of our assignments this week, but also I thought it would be fun to do.

So, I made a small collage of Safety Stan …

My Invisible Cape

I’ve always been a fan of vision boards. Make them. Hang them.

Mediate in their general direction. Usually this is a solo activity – partially because most people don’t seem into the vision board idea, and partially because I never asked.

So when I stumbled upon a vision board workshop …

Cool College Collage


For one of my weekly assignments I created a collage about myself. The collage includes pictures of myself, my family, things that help describe who I am and what I enjoy doing.

One of the first things that come to mind when I think of myself as a person …

a collage – visual assignment –

It’s time for arts and crafts kids!

For this visual assignment, I had initially wanted to do this IRL with actual materials like doilies, flowers, and what not. Unfortunately, time did not permit the shopping for said materials and so I chose to do it digitally:

A little part of …

So You Think You Know Me

This is my first Visual Assignment, the assignment is called You in Collage Form. You were supposed to find pictures, meme’s, words etc that describe you. I chose four main words and photos that I felt describe me best. The first one is a quote that I live by which …



Summer Memories

In our ILT 5340 class, we were given the freedom to choose any project from the DS106 Assignment Bank and focus on our chosen theme for the semester.  I chose Visual Assignment 1890, You In Collage Form.  The instructions were to make a collage of images, words or both that …

I Need Vitamin Sea: Whining and Collage-Making

Summer always worsens my persistent cabin fever and wanderlust, especially for the seaside with its unique charm. I don’t know if I can wait until August for my “Vitamin Sea” after scrolling through all these beautiful pictures on Pinterest! But at the moment I am trapped inside, working on my …

Collage FORM

This was a great assignment as I got to reflect and make a poster about me and my interests. I included words and photos of things that are important to me such as professional development, education, fitness/ health and more. It allows me to be creative as well.

Submitted Assignment #2

This is my second assignment that I have submitted for the semester. It is a pretty simple and open ended assignment. You make a collage that defines your personality or something else with meaning to you.

The prompt is:

This comes with simple instructions. Make a collage with images and …

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Tutorials So Far

Make a Digital Collage Using Photoshop

This is a really simple tutorial that will cover two features of Photoshop, the Quick Selection tool and SmartObject manipulation, which will be useful for creating You In (Digital) Collage Form! There are many ways to approach this task, and this tutorial uses a method I’ve found useful.

Obviously, …